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 A few Guidelines and Tips.

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A few Guidelines and Tips. Empty
PostSubject: A few Guidelines and Tips.   A few Guidelines and Tips. EmptyMon Dec 03, 2012 4:07 am

Hello all, I've got a few guidelines and tips here for anyone looking to create a guild.

1: If the guild is one that involves villainy of any sort (including guilds that fight for a good cause by what could be seen as villainous means. Vigilante groups, etc.) please put [ARA Req] in the title, to show that you require an Advanced Roleplay Application to join.

2: Remember that you are responsible for your members. If someone you have allowed in your guild is a poor roleplayer, or someone who tends to troll, keep in mind that it will reflect badly on your guild and you.

3: Make sure to be clear in the purpose of your guild. For example, a Paladin group dedicated to protecting the weak and less fortunate should clearly be explained as such, as many would hear 'paladin' and instantly think they need to go around killing everything that could be labeled 'impure'.

4: Keep in mind that if you make a guild, it puts you in a leadership position, which means you need to keep a calm demeanor and level head so that you may sort out any conflicts within it, both IC and OOC. (Only if it concerns your guild though, of course.)

5: Always remember that I and the other staff are here to help if you need us. ^_^

1: It is beneficial to have a few members confirmed before the release of a guild, as people are less likely to join a guild with nearly nobody in it.

2: Have fleshed out and detailed lore regarding how your guild came about, its traditions and / or beliefs, and its laws.

3: Have a detailed and well thought-out application process that is completely RP. It's always fun to have some in-game roleplay involved with a person joining your guild. Alternately make sure that its an application that will give you a good idea of the person and how they roleplay.

4: Make sure that your guild thread is organized, easy to read, and appealing in its' layout.

A Note:
1: A guild post that has been inactive for a week and a half (has had no posts in said time) will be moved to the forum archives. If your post is deleted and the guild is actually active, please contact an administrator or FM to have it put back. I should also note that this does not mean you should bump your guild post to avoid its' deletion.
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A few Guidelines and Tips.
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