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 -Please Ban Sharsand and Eatmydictionary-

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PostSubject: -Please Ban Sharsand and Eatmydictionary-    Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:33 pm

Hello, I would like to report Sharsand and eatmydictionary for saying rude words like...N-igger, and other shameful words...
Here is also a list of of things they have done
-Sharsand put a skin that was...Disgusting
-Eatmydictionary Griefed
-Eatmydictionary used foul language
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PostSubject: Re: -Please Ban Sharsand and Eatmydictionary-    Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:07 pm

Several areas griefed by eatmydictionary1, found by logblock and rolled back.

Though I cannot find chat logs, however considering these circumstances, I believe what has happened, and what we've discussed in MC itself. If there is indeed a misjudgment it can be included in an appeal, however I'd rather be safe than sorry right now.

Shorsand and Eatmydictionary1 will both receive Indefinite bans. They may make their appeals with the proper applications when they feel they're ready, or they may not return to the server.

Thank you for reporting this.


Remember to vote!
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-Please Ban Sharsand and Eatmydictionary-
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