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 IcyHot's Specialty Modpack

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PostSubject: IcyHot's Specialty Modpack   IcyHot's Specialty Modpack EmptyMon Feb 04, 2013 12:20 am

A couple of you have asked for a mod pack that filled with some mods that would enhance your play on the server and have even suggested a couple of the mods here. As time goes on I will continue to add and update mods as they come out so just check back here every so often if you find something isn't working. By all means if something is wrong after the guide below post and hopefully I can assist you. If you don't like a mod, want to suggest one or just feel like giving feedback feel free to post below I would appreciate hearing what you guys have to say. Without further adieu here's whats we have so far:

Modloader (Needed to run some mods)

Optifine - Enhances graphics and may even improve fps on some systems(Ultra, Classic and Lite. Low end Pc's get lite, medium classic and great ultra)

Audiotori - Manages different sound packs

Matmos soundpack - Adds more sounds which I believe enhances the effects of RP (Different install see below the main guide.)

Inventory Tweaks - Allows you to organize your inventory and chests at the click of a button

MobDismemberment Mods fall apart on death (Notice: There is blood though it is pixelated so if you don't want to see that then this mod isn't for you.)

More Player Models - Allows sit, lay down, hug, dance and your character model to change (Some skin mods required, see link on help. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1122495-147-more-player-models/ )

Armor Status - Displays the durability on worn armor

Status Effect - Displays current status's and their time

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?32dlhxdyyj3ies3

There are two different ways to install the mod's first note matmos will have a different installation so if you are installing scroll down more to see he guide. The first and easiest way is to use magic laucher to add the mods in which a jar is included with in the zip for your convenience.

Magic Launcher:

1. First extract the zip

2. Open the Magic Launcher jar

3. Click setup and click add on the right side

4. Navigate to where you extracted the Pack folder and begin adding in all the mods you wish to use (remember matmos will not work this way.)


5. After adding all wanted mods click ok and login

6. Enjoy! (To use this way you will need to use magic launcher each login. If you want to use the normal launcher use the next method.)

Normal Launcher:

1. Extract the zip

2. Navigate to your .minecraft folder then the minecraft.jar

3. Open minecraft.jar and delete the META-INF folder inside

4. Open modloader and optifine zips then drag and drop all the contents from both into the .jar

5. Navigate back to your .minecraft

6. Create a folder called mods (NEEDS to be lowercase or it won't work)

7. Open the mods folder and drag in the zip's of each mod you would like to install

8. Launch minecraft and enjoy!

Matmos Installation:

There is a matmos folder placed for you in the music folder open that to begin.

1. open the mods folder and drag the zip into your mods folder in .minecraft

2. drag matmos and default_reference into your .minecraft

3. Navigate to your resources then sound3 folder from .minecraft

4. Drag the 3 matmos folders into your sound3 folder

5. Run and Enjoy!

This pack was assembled by IcyHot. I do not claim any of these mods as my own, simply used them with permission to put them together into a modpack. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me and have fun!
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IcyHot's Specialty Modpack
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