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 A ship on the shoreline.

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A ship on the shoreline. Empty
PostSubject: A ship on the shoreline.   A ship on the shoreline. EmptyTue Jan 29, 2013 7:51 pm

The howl of a steam whistle resounds throughout the coast of Amentum, the low sound of chugging follows after it, as the newly-built ship the "Jabu-Jabu" begins slowly making its way up the coastline. A man cheers gayly atop the ship, waving his hands in fervent glee.

The ship takes a turn back around towards it's initial dock, whistling again to signify it's glory.

Signs and notices begin to pop around about Amentum and Aquitus, with the following text:

Seeking ADVENTURE? Well, sate your adventuristic mindset aboard the Jabu-Jabu! This ship is powered by STEAM, and thusly makes incredulously fast trips from one unexplored mass of land to the other, perfectly accommodating your adventurous needs!

The ship is piloted by yours truly, Earl Oeh, and he will serve as your loyal and trustworthy captain, taking you to new and uncharted territories beyond the Taint's reach!

Located down the coast at the airship ferry!
A cartoonish map is shown on the bottom with pictures of how to get to the Jabu-Jabu.

A picture of the airship with dashes that lead to a giant tree and a beach, and the dashes lead down the beach to a drawing of the Jabu-Jabu


A ship on the shoreline. Original
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A ship on the shoreline.
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