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December 2023
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Well then...
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyThu Feb 28, 2013 8:44 pm by KORVIC
I've been delaying the inevitable. This server has died. I have cancelled the billing on the server, however I will leave it up with freebuild for anyone who wishes to use it in the time being. If this were to somehow get used enough I may keep it up again, but for now it'll just be slowly fading away.

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v1.3.1 Update
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 9:50 pm by KORVIC
Deus' Venatus - Portal HdnLF

v1.3.1 is now being released! The update includes two things. A texturepack update and a change to mob-spawning in regions. You may now have passive mobs spawn in the regions that are currently protected. This means you can breed animals without having to leave the safe area, if there was anyone breeding anything before.

Small update, however a side note is that there may be an event today if enough people log in.


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Taking a break.
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyMon Feb 04, 2013 11:48 am by KORVIC
One of our staff members, doctordemento, is taking a slight break. He's stepped down from Admin position. He will remain an FM as he wants to casually learn how to work the forums and the server itself (managing the plugins and such) while he continues to role-play on the server. Just to clarify, he's not gone, he's still going to be here with us.

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Official v1.3 (Printing, Plugins, and Donations)
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptySat Feb 02, 2013 5:33 pm by KORVIC
Deus' Venatus - Portal Ifr4p

So, I haven't written this for about a day now because I was still in the process of updating. However, most, if not all plugins should be in functioning order now. There is one minor texturepack change which will be explained later. I believe the texture packs already in use are fully up-to-date, so you can re-download them already.

--> We have a new printing press plugin!

Please watch this instructional video for more information about it's use.

Please note however that in order to create the printing press setup you must put the piston block down prior to putting down the iron block. We do not use any hunger for printing. You just need one ink sack and one book.

--> The chat has changed slightly.

There isn't that large of a difference. You will need to set your chatstyle again, however you use /rp chatstyle now. You can also now use /rp chatcolor to change your emote's colours.

You can also now set …

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A ship on the shoreline.
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyTue Jan 29, 2013 7:51 pm by KORVIC
The howl of a steam whistle resounds throughout the coast of Amentum, the low sound of chugging follows after it, as the newly-built ship the "Jabu-Jabu" begins slowly making its way up the coastline. A man cheers gayly atop the ship, waving his hands in fervent glee.

The ship takes a turn back around towards it's initial dock, whistling again to signify it's glory.

Signs and notices begin to pop around about Amentum and Aquitus, with the following text:

Seeking ADVENTURE? Well, sate your adventuristic mindset aboard the Jabu-Jabu! This ship is powered by STEAM, and thusly makes incredulously fast trips from one unexplored mass of land to the other, perfectly accommodating your adventurous needs!

The ship is piloted by yours truly, Earl Oeh, and he will serve as your loyal and trustworthy captain, taking you to new and uncharted territories beyond the Taint's reach!

Located down the coast at the airship ferry!
A cartoonish map is shown on the bottom with pictures of how …

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Magic Trees
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 10:29 pm by KORVIC
This is a quick version of the magic trees for people to think about which scrolls they would like to look into. Please note that these are not the orders in which you learn the spells, and that depending on how your character develops you won't necessarily get everything in one category (I.E. if you're meh in Water/Ice magic and good at Telekinesis, you will have mostly Telekinesis spells, and a few water/ice spells without any of the absolute max level spells). I will be trying to draw up a proper skill tree diagram to show the way it should be learnt. All to come soon... more work... bleh... have fun! Oh, and to find out what each spell actually does, visit here: -Click this link-

--Mentalis-- ((Telekinesis))

--Liquidae-- ((Water//Ice))

--Navitas-- ((Fire//Lightning))

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Gather around, children...
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 9:59 pm by KORVIC
The city of Aquitus, the jewel of the Republic of Ortus silent and a bit broken, tables flipped, houses of people wrecked, records stolen from the record store, and mostly the city in a bit of havoc, the mayor still missing. Alp Alp walks into the city, dirt and pieces of gravel covering his clothes as he makes his way to the ballot box, many people casting their votes for either Jayce and Lerra or to relect Stacheman. Tromping over to the podium, Alp Alp stands behind it, saying in a rough voice...

"Mayor Stache is gone yes yes... He has fallen to nothing anymore, Alp Alp wishes to tell story of how it went yes..."

He looks around as people start to gather, some happy of the
Staches 'fall' others looking a bit worse about it then others. Alp Alp coughs, begining the story of the end of the Stache.

"Alp Alp say, him and his new companion, Doctor Saxton made our way to City of Aquitus, there we got off new air ship and started walking down, when Alp Alp and Saxton …

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RE: Election Time
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 3:47 pm by KORVIC
With the election closed, and the votes tallied. It is found that Stacheman is the victor in this race. However, with the victor being deceased, the runner up is awarded the title of mayor.

Congratulations Jayce and Lerra, you are the new co-mayors of Aquitus!

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Election Time
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptySat Jan 26, 2013 8:03 pm by KORVIC
A crier shouts about the city. "Elections have begun! fill out our ballots for the next mayor! Polls will close in two day's time."

((Please use the voting system in this post to vote for who your character wants as mayor.))

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A town without a mayor.
Deus' Venatus - Portal EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 7:56 pm by KORVIC
As you walk around Aquitus this day, you notice all the Vote Stache posters have been torn down. After some quick checking you confirm that every single one has been torn down. Should you continue to investigate, you go to visit Stacheman's tent, finding the fire out, and the bedroll missing... On top of that you speak to a guard and find that no one has contacted Stacheman since the night before...

Where is the currently residing mayor? What should we do? Is the city safe? All these questions flow through your head...

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