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 A man just wants his sleep.

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A man just wants his sleep. Empty
PostSubject: A man just wants his sleep.   A man just wants his sleep. EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 10:16 pm

The dawn of the day, one of the most peaceful and beautiful times of the day... The town of Aquitus quiet as the sun peaks over the edge of sight, Alp Alp just like most in the town sleeps quietly, his snores drowning out all noise until that time of the day when the door to his and his house mate Tantalus's door creaks open, and Tantalus leaves to go work on whatever he has been. Then that certain time comes, and the racket of the hammers begins.

The peaceful sleep now wrecked as hammers bang against steel and wood, the harmony destroyed to it's bone by the shouting of workers.

Alp Alp tosses and turns for the past three days of this building, his sleep being disturbed as he rolls in the curtain bed sheets, moving his pillow over his head and ears, as his pig Wilson sleeps soundly. But as a large ting of steel is heard he whips his head up, his thick black hair in a bed head, purple bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep, he throws the covers off himself, still being in his sleeping attire (which is nothing more than linen under shorts and a woolen vest) as his heavy steps creak against the wooden floor. "Alp Alp is sick of this... BUILDING! Alp wishes to get Alp's sleep or he will not look professional for selling goods..." he grumbles as he messes with his hair lightly, tying his headband on over it not much caring for the state it's in.

Rubbing his eyes, he walks over to the bath of sorts in the corner of his room, splashing some of the water in his eyes as he goes over to his table, pulling up a bottle of a wax of some sort. Fixing his mustache and beard up as he grabs his clothes that were sitting on the table next to the wax, pulling on his shirt and the over shirt, pulling on his loose pants, and yawning. He marches down stairs, letting his pig get much needed sleep after days of adventuring with him. "Alp Alp wishes for sleep... Or Alp wants to get out of this town... Maybe Alp will cancel out their sound with his own... YES! Perfect idea if Alp may say Alp's self..." the big bellied wide man pulls out some boards and steel sheets he had gotten from the steel factory with his pig, starting to move it outside, he starts to draw line-y plans out on a sheet of paper...
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A man just wants his sleep.
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