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 Wigglesrawr's Applicaton

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PostSubject: Wigglesrawr's Applicaton   Wigglesrawr's Applicaton EmptyMon Jan 14, 2013 8:45 pm

Out Of Character (OOC)

Personal Nickname (optional):Wiggles/Wigglesrawr

Minecraft Account Name:eatmydictionary1 (Please pardon the name, or take it in a literal sense, I got it for free.)

How old are you:16

What is your Time Zone/Country:USA, Easter Time.

How good are you with the English language:Very.

How often could you be on the server:At least two hours or so a day.

Have you ever roleplayed before? If so what did you roleplay (if you can remember)?:I have previously roleplayed on a small RP server. My main character was an elf addicted to mushrooms.

In your own words define Metagaming and Powergaming: Metagaming is when you use knowledge that you haven't gained in-character, in-character. Powergaming is forcing an action upon another player.

How did you hear about us: Through a current player/my brother. (Shorsand)

Have you read and agreed to all the rules (Found Here.): Yes.

Any other information you'd like to mention: No.

In Character (IC)

Character Name: Earl Oeh

Character Race and Patron God:Litus, largely agnostic, though prays when things get rough.

Appearance: Stands short, fairly skinny, and oddly pale do to a birth defect.

Backstory (Please explain your character's life, show how they act, why they act as such.): Working as an apprentice at a local clinic, Earl always had an attraction to medicine and helping people. For quite some time, he had wondered why there was such an influx of ailed patients, who all shared equal symptoms. He queried his master-doctor about it, and he said simply "It was the Dread." To a great level this interested interested him, and he began studying and autopsying the bodies of those who suffered from the 'Dread'.
Soon after, his master-doctor died from the same thing, and he was left without a place to work. He turned to the steel-factory, laboring in the flames of the hearth for quite some time. He grew ever-frustrated with this, at the fact that his medical training was going to complete waste, and not to mention the fact that more and more died everyday from the 'Dread', and that he couldn't do anything to halter it. Eventually went up and quit, and began asking around for anyone who could house a man of medical profession. Many denied him, until he came upon a small group of people who shared the same intent and desire of curing the 'Dread' as he did. He became part of this circle of doctors, healers and researchers, and has lived with them since.

What are your character's skills and weaknesses: Skills are: Holds medical prowess, very intent on getting things done. Weaknesses are: Physically impotent, often becomes overly obsessive.

Example RP (Create a situation and roleplay it out.) *Earl throws up his hands in frustration* "What did you do with my papers?!" *the doctor says in an uncaring fasion* "I got rid of them. They were the equivalent of empty space, but with words!" *Earl's eye twitches, and says through gritted teeth* "They were documentations about how to averse the effects of the 'Dread', you twit!" *the doctor rolls his eyes* "Oh, please! More like imbecilic rantings and false hopes." *Earl's face becomes red, then says shortly* "That's it! I'm going to take leave now in attempt to refrain myself from violently giving you a lobotomy... WITH A SPOON!" *Earl storms out the doorway, slamming the door as he does so*

Pictures of your skin, all sides (If needed put it inside a spoiler.):Wigglesrawr's Applicaton Shorsand (Yes, I like black/grey...)

Any other information you'd like to add about your character: No.
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PostSubject: Re: Wigglesrawr's Applicaton   Wigglesrawr's Applicaton EmptyMon Jan 14, 2013 9:32 pm

Accepted, Welcome to Pavon. I hope to see you on the server.


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Wigglesrawr's Applicaton
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