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 LemonDropzz's Application

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PostSubject: LemonDropzz's Application   LemonDropzz's Application EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 12:45 am

Out Of Character (OOC)

Personal Nickname (optional): Lemon

Minecraft Account Name: LemonDropzz

How old are you: 16

What is your Time Zone/Country: CST/United States

How good are you with the English language: Fluent, it's my native language.

How often could you be on the server: If I come to enjoy it, as often as everyday.

Have you ever roleplayed before? If so what did you roleplay (if you can remember)
I was what I would consider a Senior Member on the server Tales of Mel-Lenxia. I roleplayed a laidback Zealot(Rebel) who believed he fought to free the empire from the tyranny of its emperor and military.

I also played on another server, which had most of the same crowd from Tales of Mel-Lenxia, known as Legends of Talarra where I worked my way up to Moderator position. I roleplayed a Robin Hood-esque character. He stole from the rich to benefit the families of the slums in which he grew up.

I also roleplay on and off on the server known as Lord of the Craft. I roleplay a carefree adventurer type character at the moment. He's still in the process of development, so I don't have much information to give about him.

In your own words define Metagaming and Powergaming:
Metagaming - Using information that you have acquired OOC for IC use or gain.

Powergaming - Worrying only about character ignoring others actions. For example, in a fight, making your character invulnerable to any action or attack from another character.

How did you hear about us:
A good friend of mine, iCreate, told me of an up and coming roleplay server(This One) around New Years, so I thought I would poke my head in to give it a shot. Other friends of mine that are here/applying are Turikar, Lenlo, and EaglexHawk

Have you read and agreed to all the rules (Found Here.): Yes.

Any other information you'd like to mention:
I've roleplayed on plenty of different servers and even outside of Minecraft. However, I would in no way consider myself an expert. I'm only a friendly guy in search of fun roleplay servers to try. I can't wait to see what this one has in store for me.

In Character (IC)

Character Name: Damien Ashdon

Character Race and Patron God: Avasonus | Soteir(Although he does not truly pray often.)

Short in stature compared to the other races, due to being Avasonus, but is still surprisingly tall compared to other Avasonus and Avasuun standards, he is 5'2 with a slender, athletic build. He has medium length, unkempt blonde hair. He has a fair complexion. He has deep blue eyes, filled with emotion and determination. His pointed ears are pierced at the lobe. Has a steel prosthetic left arm in which his brother had built for him. Dawns a vest and long-sleeve shirt to cover the arm itself. However, if you listen closely, you can hear the gears and cogs turning on the inside of the arm. His clothes are somewhat worn and raggedy from the different odd jobs he has done. He always carries with him an old, dusty pocket-watch in which his father gave to him before his journey.

Backstory (Please explain your character's life, show how they act, why they act as such.):
As children, him and his brother grew up with their parents in a small cottage far away from any town or village. Growing up, his father having been a foot-soldier in the army, taught him and his brother the ways of combat. His mother, having gone to college, refused to hire a tutor and taught the boys on her own. He took well to the combat training, but lacked in the learning portion. Much to the opposite of his brother. After the grueling training and learning, he and his brother were finally ready for their journey.

Before departing, his father had stopped him. "Son, I want you to have something before you leave. It's been passed down from my grandfather, to your grandfather, to me. It may even predate the Cataclysm itself. It has given our family luck on all of our endeavors. I want you to have it. It will keep you safe." He would then pull out a dusty, golden pocket-watch. Damien took it gratefully, thanked his father, and left for the nearest town with his brother, unbeknownst to them the hardships of the next two years to come.

The first winter was the hardest, he and his brother barely having a small shack for themselves. Let alone enough food to remain comfortable. Soon, though, he and his brother would come to meet an old inventor by the name of Hadrien Ocran that would take them in and teach them. Damien didn't take to it as much as his brother did. He always preferred the more physical tasks. So as Jayce learned to tinker and invent for the better of the world, Damien would go out in search of scraps and parts for his brother or odd jobs for anybody who offered. Damien would accept jobs such packaging and shipping crates at the docks, protection-type services, and maybe even shady deals here and there. Whatever could get he and Jayce the money.

These jobs would, however, lead to certain losses for Damien. One day while searching through the dumps for parts, Damien would lose his footing and fall, a big radiator landing on top his left arm. He was trapped with no food or water and no help in any direction. For hours, Damien screamed for help, until his was voiceless and exhausted. Two days would go by before a glimmer of hope would shine. A small boy, searching through the dumps would come across Damien's near-lifeless body. All he could come to utter was his brother's name. The boy would nod, run off into what seemed like an abyss, coming back with his brother and the inventor a few hours later. After several attempts of trying to free him, they came to the decision of amputation. It was the only way he would survive and he was no longer conscious to contest it. They would heat a sheet of steel at the very spot, grabbing the sharpest blade they could find and heated it as well to sterilize it. The next few moments were a daze for Damien. Jayce and Hadrien, quickly amputated his left arm and pressed the searing hot sheet metal against it, cartarizing the wound. Where his forearm and hand used to be, there was now a stump from his elbow down. The next few days were absolute torture for Damien. For as far as he could tell, he would have no longer have a left arm, no longer be able to work, no longer be able to return home. Soon, another light would shine. With the help of Hadrien, his brother had built a lifechanger for Damien, a prosthetic. It was made of pure steel and was operated by gears and cogs. However, they would have to reopen the wound to attach it. Conscious for the procedure this time, Damien screamed in pain and agony until it was finally attached. At this point, he could barely move the opposable fingers at the end of the arm, however any movement was enough for him to remain content.

The next few weeks, Damien recovered and soon was back to work. The prosthetic was a blessing. Months would pass and enough money was coming in that they could live comfortably. However, just as they got comfortable, it was time to return to their cottage. They packed their things and said goodbye to Hadrien. He had taught them a lot about both life and tinkering. They had seen things in almost a different perspective. No longer were other races lower than them, but equals. They began their trek home new men. Upon arrival, grave news was bestowed upon them. Their father had passed away from illness and their mother was beginning to become too frail for work. After mourning, Damien and Jayce made the decision to go back to the city and move back in with Hadrien with their mother. It was the best thing for them. There was nothing left for them out here. Saying goodbye at their father's grave, they departed back for the city. Hadrien took the three of them in with open arms.
What are your character's skills and weaknesses:

Example RP (Create a situation and roleplay it out.)
While finishing up his shift at the dock, Damien brushed his clothes off and began his walk home. However, a hooded man would stop him. "Are you Damien Ashdon?" Damien, confused, would scratch the back of his head and reply, "I am.. Who's asking?" The man, still not convinced, reached for his left sleeve and nearly tore it off. Seeing the prosthetic, he nodded and smiled. "I have a job for you boy." Damien, understanding where this was going know, questioned it. "Oh yeah? And what would that be, mate?" The man gave a wicked grin. "You're not afraid of the law, are you boy?" Damien gave a loud chuckle. "You wouldn't have looked for me if you didn't already know the answer to that question, mate." The man nodded and gave Damien a gesture to follow. Yet another "odd job" had come his way.

Pictures of your skin, all sides (If needed put it inside a spoiler.):
Any other information you'd like to add about your character:
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PostSubject: Re: LemonDropzz's Application   LemonDropzz's Application EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 1:02 am

The one thing that concerns me is your prosthetic limb... While we are steampunk, the level of tech is just at steam engines. I have no doubt you could have a fake limb, however if you could maybe make it break down more often, or be a bit less advanced, it would be perfect.

I will see you in Pavon, Accepted.


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LemonDropzz's Application
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