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 The Advanced Roleplay Application

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The Advanced Roleplay Application Empty
PostSubject: The Advanced Roleplay Application   The Advanced Roleplay Application EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 5:06 pm

Some may ask why we do this, it's for the reasoning of past difficulties with quite bad roleplayers deciding they can be villains, but only ruining people's roleplay. There will be times when even bad applications would be accepted because we are aware the person is a great roleplayer both IC and OOC. Though, another reason is to prevent some good roleplayers who just want to kill and cause people grief from having those characters. We will not be accepting those who simply want to kill.

There are many things you must consider when applying for the Advanced Roleplay Application. When reading this, the first thing you must think about is why you are here. Because you want to go beyond the normal character’s limitations as to advance your roleplay limits and bring about better roleplay for yourself and others. Not for personal gain such as items. Now here I’ll go over the elements of the application.

Character Name(s): This is quite simple. What is your character’s names and aliases or singular if they do not have many.

Character Nation: What nation does your character belong to? Where do they live in said nation, city-wise, or do they simply live on their own in the wilds?

What God(s) does/doesn’t your character believe in and why or why not: Out of the handful of Gods that inhabit the server’s lore, what does your character think of each one individually? Do they hate Ortus? Or do they have mutual feelings of agreement with Soteir? Tell us what your character believes.

The Dark Deeds: These are the roleplay boundaries you are applying to be able to cross with your character. Things normal characters are restricted from to prevent bad roleplay from either inexperience or just powergaming. You will talk about what these mean to your character and how they would use them.


They go as follows:

Thievery: Taking objects lawlessly. Maybe someone took something unfairly, but abused the laws of the land to make it seem legal so you took it back. Or maybe you’re a hired hand and you’re just breaking into a house to steal the requested object. Possibly you’re an object obsessed gatherer of something collectable and will go to any extent to take it.

Mischief Making: While the term ‘mischief’ can be seen as something innocent, this is taking it beyond normal and essentially terrorizing your targets. What ways would you do this? A bucket full of a potion that stings on contact with skin dumped on someone? Tacs to a doorknob? Or even something simple like a rope to trip someone carrying a good amount of objects.

Bullying: A favorite of bandits. Beating someone up, kicking them about, or just saying mean things to them that you know about them. It’s also generally used by sociopaths in the times they’re toying with their targets. Bullying is also, while not exactly the best name for this, is needed if you’re the sort to make people do things they don’t want to. To a certain extent, though, it goes to torture. If they’re being forced to do something that would be mentally scarring, it’s torture. But if they’re just being forced to use a key or disarm a friend because you’re threatening them with murder, it will fall under bullying.

Murder: To kill someone unfairly and in cold blood. You were the assailant. Your intention was their death, whether it be revenge, a cold desire in your heart, or they simply enraged you and you couldn’t control yourself. Possibly some for those trapped in a deal, sacrifice to Avidta.

Torture: Generally a favorite of sadists, though it’s used by many anti-heros and sometimes even bandits just to extract information or as a form of punishment for actions this person has taken that you feel it justified to bring this amount of pain to them.

Chaos: Chaos is just absolute and utter destruction and distaste for order. An evil that to use requires many evils. While technically counter-productive to your cause, this could include things like making an organized army to attack a city and take it over. Of course you would then take many steps forward by making this a ruined town and bandit hang-out or something of that sort. Possibly you would try and make wars between nations by using politics and tricking one nation into thinking another nation did some sort of action. Maybe your cause is even justified in your eyes and one land must be destroyed in your opinion. You tell us.

Manipulation: This can range from a variety of forms. One would be forcing someone into a corner by essentially telling them a lover dies if they don’t do what you want. Another way to handle manipulation of others would be to tell them someone who’s actually a good person is a bandit, thus tricking them into killing someone. Forcing someone to do something as a slave or by brute force is not counted as manipulation. Manipulation is the tactful approach to such a thing.

Slavery: Another bandit favorite for money making or hide-out building. Generally the trick is to just go out hunting for strays or in towns when guards are not present. The favorite is females just because they like to look, and well, the market generally pays highly for attractive females for all the wrong reasons.

Cannibalism: A madman’s left-hand. Cannibalism is to devour the flesh of those of the same species as yourself. While elves and humans aren’t exactly the same, to a player of the server, the definition is changed except to some of those of the Avasonus who may see that the other races are not even the same species. But to the rest, cannibalism is generally just seen as a member of any of the races consuming another member of any of them.

Insanity: Sociopathic personality, you see others as simple peons before you? Welcome to madness. Issues with distinguishing which of the voices you should listen to? Hey, maybe insanity is the Dark Deed trait for you.

Forced Sexual Interaction: Forced kissing, groping, ect. Most bandits don’t actually hold interest in this strangely enough. Usually the power monger sorts who wish to feel strong or someone who is insane and obsessed with someone. Or just a pervert. Rape is not allowed to be roleplayed, but may be agreed oocly that it ‘happened’ and be in the backstories of characters. There will be no roleplay leading up to a Fade-To-Black of this sort on our servers. If you wish to do such a thing, take it away from the realms of Deus’Venatus. The realm of Deus includes the Minecraft server, the forums, the Teamspeak, and any other extensions of it.


Biography(Minimum 3 Paragraphs): The story of your character’s life. We want to know how they became like this. The events that drove them to this extent beyond regular moral limits.

Re-state your characters motivations for their actions in a logical perspective(Do not simply copy and paste parts of your bio. Pasting parts of your bio and talking about them is perfectly acceptable.):

Character Traits(The good, the bad, and the ugly):

Strengths: State what your characters strengths are in an informative sentence(or set of sentences). Are they quite strong, swift, quick witted, smart, have a tough build, a resistance to pain, what is it that makes them excel at certain tasks more than others?

Weaknesses: What is it that brings your character down? An uncontrollable rage that makes them sloppy and slow with their strikes? Are they not a fast runner? Do they easily tire? What is it that brings them down to be destroyed by others?

Physical Features: A detailed explanation of your characters appearance from an ooc perspective. We want to know if you’ve got a weak left arm that gives out easily. A visible scar across your face. Anything that may have slipped our mind after reading your bio and maybe even yours when answering to the scenarios.

The Scenarios(Pick four at least. Three sub-questions and one primary.): There’s a variation in scenarios for a good reason. We do not want to see any things like “But my character wouldn’t be here!” We want to see creativity in these applications, proof that you’re a good roleplayer. It is hoped that you bend some of the questions to make them more interesting.


[Primary] The Slums Bar: You are in a bar deep in the slums when a large drunken man approaches you laughing and giggling with a sword drawn. [Please explain why] He stumbles a bit before demanding your gold. This man seems like he’s normally a somewhat competent fighter and his strength is quite obvious, but the alcohol. You notice about five others in the bar appear ready to fight this man, and all not intoxicated, though he has 4 to back himself up and they’re only a bit tipsy. How does your character react?

[Primary] City Under Siege: The town you are currently staying in has a massive bandit attack assault it and it’s obvious neither would they give the time to try and befriend you, but that the guard will not last long against them with their current numbers. A tactical mind may be able to think of someway to fend off this attack, and at the same time one more skilled warrior on their end could turn the tide. On the other hand, many citizens are completely vulnerable because all able-bodied men have gone to defend the gates. Houses are open for looting, people for kidnapping, and the armory for plundering. You only have time to do one of these things before the attack hits and either escape or defend. What does your character do?

[Sub-Question] An Open Ball: You’re attending a local ball, open to any who can dress properly. The ball has food-stands, a band, and many people there. Out of the people there, there is a good number of pretty women and handsome men. What is your character’s intent and how do they spend the night?

[Sub-Question] The Dangerous Alley: You need to rush to the market because an item you've needed is finally being sold. You would normally avoid the short-cuts for obvious reasons, scum generally hang about these allies. You decide you must risk it and go to rush through some of the allies when you come across a scene. A woman is being mugged by two street thugs. They appear to be quite pathetic fighters, but obviously they were able to over-power this woman. They wield clubs. They say "Go on by, rat, we're busy." You could easily with this offer head straight to the market past them or deal with them. What do you do?

[Sub-Question] Hunting Games: You're in need of food and don't have the money to buy some right now, so you go out into the forest to hunt for some food yourself. You're able to get a good few pigs and animals slain before you hear some noises. Some men surround you wearing dark robes and swiftly over-power you. You're placed in a cage where you can see several other people. Below the cage is a raging fire-pit that makes your skin start to dry up and you to cough a bit. They say "You may not leave unless you pull the lever in your cage. It will lower the cage of the one your cage is tied to and higher yours to safety. Pick swiftly." The cage itself looks like it could be easily broken through and you could actually jump from the fire pit and run. You notice the one you're tied to is a small boy, too scared to do anything. You see someone pull their lever and their cage is raised, screams sound out from the one that lowers. You see the hooded men direct them to safety.

[Sub-Question] You find yourself coming across a heated battle between two mages, it's quite even and you think you could easily turn the tables in an instant if you jumped into it. Both the mages speak to you, the evil one calls out "If you help me, I shall teach you great dark magicks!" The good wizard calls out "Lad, if ya' help me vanquish this villain, I'll make sure you're well accommodated in a nice spot in my kingdom's keep!" You somehow believe that neither of them are lying. What would your character do?


The Application:
[size=9][i]By filling out this application I hereby acknowledged that this does not, and will not count as a whitelist application to the Deus' Venatus server.[/i][/size]

[b]Character Name(s)[/b]:

[b]Minecraft Username[/b]:

[b]Character Race[/b]:

[b]Character Nation[/b]:

[b]What God(s) does/doesn’t your character believe in and why or why not[/b]:

[b]The Dark Deeds[/b]:

[b]Biography(Minimum 3 Paragraphs)[/b]:

[b]Re-state your characters motivations for their actions in a logical perspective(Do not simply copy and paste parts of your bio. Pasting parts of your bio and talking about them is perfectly acceptable.)[/b]:

[b]Character Traits(The good, the bad, and the ugly)[/b]:



[b]Physical Features[/b]:

[b]The Scenarios[/b][i](Pick four at least. Three sub-questions and one primary.)[/i]:
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The Advanced Roleplay Application
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