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 Plizga123 Application #1

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PostSubject: Plizga123 Application #1   Plizga123 Application #1 EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 4:25 pm

Out Of Character (OOC)

Personal Nickname (optional): n/a

Minecraft Account Name: Plizga123

How old are you: 13

What is your Time Zone/Country: HST

How good are you with the English language: I'm confident in my English, however I feel as if I have bad word placement issues.

How often could you be on the server: It various on my amount of homework, and extra curricular activities.

Have you ever roleplayed before? If so what did you roleplay (if you can remember)?: I roleplayed on another common MC-RP server as a an assassin type chaotic-neutral type character.

In your own words define Metagaming and Powergaming: Meta gaming is using information you have gained OOCly or by other means in RP. Power gaming is using unnatural abilities (strength/mental strength) in RP, Or using powers you have not learned in RP.

How did you hear about us: All warfare is based on deception.

Have you read and agreed to all the rules (Found Here.): Yes.

In Character (IC)

Character Name: Andre Kinte

Character Race and Patron God: Errare, and he follows Tabeos

Appearance:5'9" Tall, Andre is fair skinned, with chocolate brown hair, donning a dirtied coat, slightly tattered pants. He wears marble goggles, laced with gold, on his forehead.

Backstory (Please explain your character's life, show how they act, why they act as such.): Andre Kinte grew up as an only child in a poor family. His family lived in a small house, their only source of income was his father's workshop. Andre's family line has been a line of tinkerers since before the cataclysm.
Before the cataclysm, the Kinte family was actually a well funded family, because there were so many inventions, it gave tinkerers and engineers more to work with.

Up to the age of ten, Andre's mother "home-schooled" Andre. She felt that she was a bad mother, because she could not provide the same things that other children would have, such as academics. Andre was not the sharpest child, but he learned the fundamentals needed in the common language. However, what really entertained Andre was his father's workshop.
Andre liked to walk into his fathers workshop, and watch him build for what little customers he had. His father noticed his adoration of engineering, and would often beckon Andre over, and show him the various mechanisms, and the mechanics behind them. Andre's father donned a pair of marble goggles, with the frames being laced with gold. One day, Andre grew curious of the goggles, as they seemed like something a wealthy family would own.
He asked his father why he got the goggles. Andre's dad beamed, and replied, "Son, these are the Kinte family's heirloom goggles! While we might not be the wealthiest of families, this is the holder of our pride. Kinte engineers have donned these goggles since long before the cataclysm." As Andre listened, a question was brought to his mind. "Father, will I get to wear these goggles?" Andre's father chuckled, and replied. "Of course you will. Why, you're going to keep the Kinte tradition in line, yes?" Andre replied, "Yes father, of course I will!"
Andre's father told him, that when he grew older, the goggles would be his, along with the pride of the Kinte family.

A few years later, at the age of 14, Andre's father became ill, which what seemed to be a fatal sickness. As Andre's father's days grew slim, he told Andre some of his last words. "Andre, my son, you've grown quite a bit... I'm not going to be around much longer." Andre's father took a deep breath, then continued, taking his goggles off and handing them to Andre. "Son, do not loose these goggles, and carry on the Kinte tradition. Do what you must, but continue the family's pride. Make sure our engineering never comes to an end." Andre's father dismissed him, and told him to help his mother around the house.

A couple days later, Andre's father passed away. Andre's mother was heartbroken, and could barely keep herself together. "Do not worry, mother, I will earn some money and keep us alive." Andre said. He would work in the workshop, completing jobs for people, and buying just essentials. One day, when Andre came home, carrying some food and supplies, he found his house on fire, burned to the ground. Andre's mouth hung wide open, as he dropped the food, running towards where the house used to be. "Mother? MOTHER? Where are you?" Andre scrambled around, pulling planks here and there, looking for his mother. Andre, unable to find his mother, finally gave up, dropping to the ground. "Father... I couldn't keep her safe... What do I do now?" Andre sat by the house for hours, sulking. Finally Andre remembered his fathers last words. He took the goggles off of his head, and stared at them. Andre knew what he had to do. He was determined to continue his family's name, and bring the Kinte family back to it's former pride.

Andre set out for Aquitus, packing up what little belongings he had left. He was determined, and he was ready.

What are your character's skills and weaknesses: Strength: Andre is a fairly skilled tinkerer/engineer, however he still needs practice.

Weaknesses: Andre has no fighting skills, so he is pretty much defenseless without a group of others.

Example RP (Create a situation and roleplay it out.) Andre sighs, walking through a town looking for any work. An upper class clothed Litus notices the tools to his side. The man yells to him. "Excuse me sir! I need some help." Andre looks up to the man, walking up to him. "You need something?" The man nods his head. "Yes, yes." He looks down to his tool belt. "You have some experience with tools, yes?" Andre gives off a light laugh. "Yes, you could say that." Seeking an opportunity to practice his skills, he perks up. "Do you need something? I'd be more than glad to help you." The man smiles. Yes, there's a problem with my boats engine. I need to set sail soon, and I've been searching desperately for a mechanic to help me." Andre nods. "Yes, i'd be happy to try and help. Show me the way." The man smiles, "Thank you sir! Please come this way." The man leads Andre to the docks of the city, and leads him to a prestigious ship. "This is my ship, sir. The engine doesn't seem to be working. It's just makes loud noises." Andre nods. taking mental notes. "Okay... let's have a look at it." Andre kneels down to the engine panel, and pulls off the panel, examining the engine. Andre notices that a screw is missing, which could be the source of the problem. Andre pulls his tool-belt to him, looking for any screws or bolts that could fit the engine. Andre eventually finds the a spare bolt, pulling it out of his too-lbelt. "Ah ha!" Andre grins, and pulls out a wrench, screwing the screw in. Andre puts the panel back onto the engine, pushing himself up. The man seems to be in more of a rush now. "Did you fix it, sir?" Andre chuckles, and tries to turn on the engine. "Let's find out." The engine makes some strange noises, but eventually turns on. The man grins. "Thank you mister! Oh, I haven't even asked your name." Andre smiles at his accomplishment, and replied. "My name is Andre, of the Kinte family." The man tilts his head. "Kinte? I haven't heard of that name. Anyway Mister Kinte, I will be sure recommend you to my colleagues." The man drops a few gold coins into Andre's hand, and begins to set off. "Andre waves to the man. "If you need more help, I'll be around town." Andre turns away, and walks into town, looking for anything else to do to earn him some gold, and some practice.

Pictures of your skin, all sides (If needed put it inside a spoiler.):
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PostSubject: Re: Plizga123 Application #1   Plizga123 Application #1 EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 4:27 pm

Accepted, welcome to Pavon. You will be implemented shortly.


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Plizga123 Application #1
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