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 My second attempt at an application!

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My second attempt at an application! Empty
PostSubject: My second attempt at an application!   My second attempt at an application! EmptyWed Jan 02, 2013 3:19 am

Out Of Character (OOC)

Personal Nickname (optional): Gabby, Gabs. Whatever.

Minecraft Account Name: Bovarist

How old are you: 18

What is your Time Zone/Country: UTC-7 Mountain

How good are you with the English language: Fluent.

How often could you be on the server: Most days of the week.

Have you ever roleplayed before? If so what did you roleplay (if you can remember)?: I've never been a hefty roleplayer, but done it in many MMOs. I did quite a bit of DnD as a drow ranger.

In your own words define Metagaming and Powergaming: Metagaming(as what I know) is using outside resources inside of the game. Powergaming is just making yourself stupidly powerful, outside of the, restrictions I guess I could say?, of the rp.

How did you hear about us: Reddit.

Have you read and agreed to all the rules: Yep!

Any other information you'd like to mention: Nope!

In Character (IC)

Character Name: Gabriella Fraus

Character Race and Patron God: Litus, Ortus, although, she doesn't pay much attention to religion anymore.

Appearance: Gabriella was never tall, she stands small and thin. A meak 5"6', rather short for her race. Her head covered in long blonde locks of hair. Being from the southern isles, she prefers to stay in light clothing that lets her fair skin breathe.

Backstory (Please explain your character's life, show how they act, why they act as such.): Gabriella was always a maiden of the seas, when she became at teen, her mother bestowed upon her her own ship. The Typheus. Gabriella soon took a liking to the ship, learning the ins and outs of it, everything from the architecture of it, to the crack in the wood floor paneling near the captain's quarters. She sailed everywhere in it, growing into an adult in it's oak rooms. She loved the Typheus and it loved her as much. A bond was created between the two, that was never to be broken. A woman and her vessel.

What are your character's skills and weaknesses: Driven and intelligent, she easily excels at what she cares for. Unfortunately, is rather shy and keeps to herself. When it comes to fighting, Gabriella shys away from all forms of war. Hating and detesting combat, she likes to stay with herself and her ship, not needing other's company.

Example RP (Create a situation and roleplay it out.)
((This is also canon))
The salty wind wisped through Gabby's auburn hair, the smell filling her nostrils with delight. This is where she belonged, she thought to herself, out on the ocean. Just her and Typheus. She was sailing through an ocean, just going for a sail, like normal. Attempting to escape the people from the mainland. Being the social recluse she was. Everything was normal on the ship. Gabriella looked out to the ocean and smiled, inhaling and exhaling heavily with a grin on her face. Feeling a growl in her stomach, she decided to venture down into the kitchen of the ship. Lunch time. The kitchen was filled with all kind of delicacies, but she opted for a simple ham sandwich. A tall glass of water there to accompany it. Sitting in the kitchen was peaceful to her, she could continue looking out at the sea, but something blocked her view. A large black mass. Where she was, no other ships ever really showed. Gabby liked to find places away from others, places she could be alone with the ship. The mass was slowly moving closer as Gabby ran up to the deck of Typheus. The ship was a large black vessel with similarly black sails, she could see six or seven figures on the ship, whooping and hollering whilst waveing their arms at her. Their hands seemed to be holding weapons, swords and sabers. Gabby instantly spat out her food, heavily startled by the oncoming enemies.

"Maybe they're looking for help, food maybe." She thought to herself in a panic, knowing that it wasn't true. These people were here for her ship. Gabby had never dealt with pirates, so she never kept weapons on her ship.

Gabby jumped to action and started running towards the wheel, attempting to flee. But her path was cut off by a dark haired man swinging in front of her. Putting his hands on his hips he chuckled as Gabby yelled and turned to run the other way. Another person stood behind her, a woman.

"You're not going anywhere." She said behind a evil smile.


The ship was now boarded by four or five other men, all standing around one another, drinking the ships ale and laughing to one another. Gabriella was tied up with rope sitting in the living quarters. The two people they met first were standing near her.

"So, wheres the loot. Wheres the gold. You've got to have something on here!" The man who was identified as Sven said.

Gabriella shook her head and spoke softly "I already told you... I don't have anything on here but food and supplies." The man kicked her hard in the ribs, making her scream out from the burst of pain.
"Fine then, we'll just blow your ship up then. Come boys." He beckoned to the crowd "Get the barrels of gunpowder from the ship and lug em here." Gabriella shrieked with terror.

"No, not my ship!" She exclaimed with horror. "Please, take whatever you want, just don't hurt my ship!" Sven laughed and walked out the doorway. The girl picked Gabby up to her feet and pushed her behind him, making her follow him. They walked across a plank to their ship, where she was pushed to the ground again, being able to only stare at her Typheus. The men soon returned, rolling large barrels across the deck then across the plank, sitting them against one another, Sven took a fuse and lined them across the barrels. Bringing out a match, he struck it against the sole of his boot.

"Well, love. Say goodbye to your ship." He cackled, lighting fuse then sprinting back across the board, quickly running to the wheel to turn their ship away from Typheus. Gabriella shrieked, tears running from her eyes. This was it, her only friend was going to be gone in an instant and all she could do was watch. The black ship was about a mile away from Typheus when it happened. A large explosion boomed across the waves, sending ripples the water. Gabby yelled and jumped up, shaking from her captors grip she ran and dived into the water, quickly moving her hands to the knot in the rope to attempt to untie it. The surface was moving away quickly and Gabby could only hold her breath for a matter of minutes. The knot was having none of it, nothing seemed to get rid of it. Her lungs felt the enormous pressure of the ocean, her life supply running dry quickly. When finally it happened, the knot let itself loose and Gabby quickly swam to the surface, gasping for breath heavily. She looked around her, finding the wreckage of her ship. Swimming toward it she grabbed onto a plank, using it to float. Near her floated a small medallion engraved with the worm like creature that was to depict Typheus, she took it and shoved it into her pocket. Getting one last look at her now destroyed ship, she whispered goodbye and swam back towards shore. Crawling onto land was terrible. She never wanted to be away from her ship and now she always would be. Propping herself against a rock, she sat in fetal position and cried into her arms for hours...

Pictures of your skin, all sides (If needed put it inside a spoiler.):

My second attempt at an application! Downlo10
My second attempt at an application! Downlo11

Any other information you'd like to add about your character: I'm not really a good author and never really done anything serious. But hey, we all have to start somewhere. I hope this works well enough.

Thanks for reading! Very Happy
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My second attempt at an application! Empty
PostSubject: Re: My second attempt at an application!   My second attempt at an application! EmptyWed Jan 02, 2013 3:22 am

Accepted! Thank you for applying and putting up with the race problems. I saw your skin has blonde hair, and you have described Auburn. If you need assistance you can post on the Graphics forum for assistance in that area. I am not concerned of your hair colour for your application, so you're still accepted. Welcome to Pavon. Upon server launch you will be implemented to the server.

-Moved and Locked-


My second attempt at an application! Original
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My second attempt at an application!
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