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 MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it

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MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it Empty
PostSubject: MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it   MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it EmptyTue Jan 01, 2013 1:59 am

Out Of Character (OOC)

Personal Nickname (optional): KOG

Minecraft Account Name:KnightofGod_

How old are you: 18

What is your Time Zone/Country: Central standard time/America

How good are you with the English language: Fluent

How often could you be on the server: Every day

Have you ever roleplayed before? If so what did you roleplay (if you can remember)?:I have many times, I play Dungeons and Dragons alot with friends, I also Am in a IRL role playing medieval Group Which is constant role play.

In your own words define Metagaming and Powergaming: Metagameing, is making your Character know things that such a person could not learn and using that knowledge to your advantage. Powergaming, Is Giving your Character The Power of God to make oneself immortal and all powerful

How did you hear about us: Reddit, lucky search

Have you read and agreed to all the rules (Found Here.): I have

Any other information you'd like to mention: Love Role play and am willing to do what it takes to help make the server work

In Character (IC)

Character Name: Otho Holand

Character Race and Patron God: Vystra/Ortus

Appearance: Average Height for a Vystra, well built as years of training Have shaped His body into the peak of fitness, Always wears the Clothing of his unit.

Backstory (Please explain your character's life, show how they act, why they act as such.): Before the Great Cataclysm Otho was a Guard in one of the many small towns of his people. His village stayed to itself and as a small target in the mountains he rarely saw any combat other than the occasional drunk on his way home. A quiet man he kept to himself mostly all in all a normal average man in troubled times, Otho had no desire to fight in any war for he was just wed to a lovely lass and was content to practice his hunting skills. Often his bow graced thier table with many a deer and rabbit. His only true friend was his fellow guardsmen that shared the watch with him, Ralph Stafford was his name and was the one who encouraged Otho to join the guards with him. What a pair they were for the quiet Otho had another side a wild side that loved to drink and be merry and many a time landed him in more trouble than anyone who knew him would have thought possible.
Never a supreme religious man otho no the less found that the teachings of the man named Titus ignited something in him and He became a staunch follower of the great man often thinking of the words that were spoken to him about the land of peace and good.
when Otho Heard of the ships and their purpose He at once began to pack his trusty sword and begged his wife to pack and make ready to leave in the morn, But unlike Otho the woman he loved sneered at the idea of leaving and called him a fool for thinking that anything would happen to them. His carefree Friend also would not leave his home for some fairy tale as he called it. But Otho knew better and though his heart was filled with anguish He could not convince them to come and had not the heart nor the power to force them. So with a heavy heart He set off for the ships and on reaching them boarded and brooded praying that his wife and friend would come. But alas they never did and everyday he prayed while at sea that Ortus would spare them even though he knew that it was not possible.
Once the ships returned He felt more alone than ever. He set off for the mountains to create for himself a home and live his life as best as any man could protecting those who could not protect themselves and helping those he could. his days filled with both happiness and anguish He seeks to drown out those feelings in constant training and prayer. And all knew that a helping hand can be found at Otho the Guardsmen house.

What are your character's skills and weaknesses: Skilled with a Bow and sword neither a novice nor a master at either although his archery is very deadly. but being a pacifist at heart He finds it hard to harm others even in self defense or the defense of others. He also tho skilled in practice hesitates and is unskilled in real warfare.

Example RP (Create a situation and role play it out.) Otho awoke to the rising sun and began his morning routine, being a man of 26 He kept himself in good condition for he enjoyed the sweat that it brought and was a welcome distraction. He knew today he must venture into town for he was low on food and other necessary supplies. Perhaps he would see Mary again the sweet young woman that sold the food at her fathers shop. He often thought of marriage and she would make a wonderful wife, but no his heart was not ready for that. At least not yet He told himself, gathering his supplies He made his way into town with his emotions conflicting with his heart once again.

Pictures of your skin, all sides (If needed put it inside a spoiler.):

Any other information you'd like to add about your character:
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MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it Empty
PostSubject: Re: MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it   MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it EmptyWed Jan 02, 2013 2:44 am

Hey there, KOG, thank-you for applying, however you have used an extinct race. This post will be moved to the denied section, however please view this post for more information about applying again.



MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it Original
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MY app, wasnt 100% sure where to put it Hope yall like it
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