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 Tinker's Application

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PostSubject: Tinker's Application   Tinker's Application EmptyFri Dec 21, 2012 3:59 pm

Out Of Character (OOC)

Personal Nickname (optional): Tink, Tinker, Kincaid(Kin-kaid or Kin-sayd) works fine.

Minecraft Account Name: Hightinker

How old are you: Thirteen years old.

What is your Time Zone/Country: Central US time zone.

How good are you with the English language: I would say I'm a bit above average maybe at it, maybe even average. Making minor spelling mistakes and or messing up with words like the to, and too's.

How often could you be on the server: 3-4 hours every week day unless I have a test or are loaded with homework, weekends vary depending on what I want to do.

Have you ever roleplayed before? If so what did you roleplay (if you can remember)?: I roleplayed a few times on several roleplay minecraft servers, and are currently involved in some other roleplay in other games.

In your own words define Metagaming and Powergaming: Metagaming would be the act of using OOC information to do or get something in roleplay. An example would be if say one of your friends sends you message in game, over skype on teamspeak etc. Saying he is being attacked by bandits but doesn't want to die, so he tells you his exact location and the name of the bandit's minecraft name, and you show up. That would be meta gaming since your character wouldn't know of that situation unless he was really in that place at that time. Also using name plates in minecraft case to find someone is also meta gaming.

Powergaming on the other hand is the to say well you are controlling another players actions and or not letting them able to react any way possible. Say you were caught stealing in a small town and the local guard comes, the thief emotes that he runs up to the guardsman, stabbing him straight in the heart killing him instantly and getting away, he didn't give any time for the guard to react or prevent himself from not dying. Another form of powergaming is god modeing, where you essentially can do any thing you wish to be able to, like the use of any magic or the ability to fly.

How did you hear about us: On the Troll Players Teamspeak whilst talking with Anon!

Have you read and agreed to all the rules (Found Here.): I read them all once or twice!

Any other information you'd like to mention: Nope, thats it! Now onto the good parts...

In Character (IC)

Character Name: Alp Sondeki

Character Race and Patron God: Errare, doesn't have time for religion so he says.

Appearance: When one would look at Alp, immediately what sticks out is his odd choice of hair style. A long stream of hair tied at the base of his head sticking up and over down by his left eye. The rest of his head shaved and usually sun burnt.

Besides that his bushy eyebrows hang over his eyes only leaving a tiny slit for him to see through, and if one were to look at his eyes they would be a drained green, perhaps a hazel of some sort.

He is shorter than the average height of an Errare, falling one inch behind at 5'7" with a wide shoulder span leaving him a bit more bulky and wide, though his weight is a bit on the upper side. Being a bit more big in the belly, though his traveling making him able to deal with it.

His clothing is usually thin unless he is taking a visit to the mountains, or going underground, usually made from rough linen or silk taken from the trash of nobles.

Backstory (Please explain your character's life, show how they act, why they act as such.): Born to a large family of Errare in an undisclosed farm in the eastern plains, was a child named Alp Sondeki. The Sondeki family consisting of mostly farmers, the more ambitious ones out casted for trying something more than as they said the art of Essani. Alp was soon to becoming one of these, though he did grow up on the farm, going to the tent market to sell some of the crops and such. Though his younger life was more of a boring one- Since he barely did anything but farming, his older life was where all the spice lied. Getting bored of the farmers life as he grew up, Alp asked his mother what was out there beyond the plains, she slapped him for asking and told him to get back to work! He wanting to see what was out there, saddled onto a pigs back later to be known as piggles, stuck an apple behind himself for four other pigs to follow him. He laughed at his deeds, taking the pigs from his family's farm to go out for a life of adventure! Foolish, but amazing at the same time for him! Alp rode aimlessly for a while, eating the food he brought with him and stopping at inns to feed himself and the pigs. Though, he met a hermit that taught him the ways of the trade, and that was where his mind was set to! TO BECOME A MERCHANT OF COURSE! He laughed at the thought. His age grew and he bought a cabin, getting some local Errare to turn it into a caravan, and then he rode! To the adventures of his life. (A good way to see how he acts is in the RP example)

What are your character's skills and weaknesses: Well, first we'll start out with his skills. He is a world traveler at best, making him a fine navigator at times and useful for short cuts through out the wilderness. He's caught so many sicknesses from the other races making his immune system a bit better against the common colds of the world, though not to any new more harsh sicknesses that could be unleashed over evolution. He seems to like eating anything- And trying anything new, making him love all the cultures really, which then makes him very social in a way so he usually gets along with all the other races, making good buisness! He is good with a blunt object when needed, or a curved sword. Though he usually doesn't wish to fight, he can usually make a weapon out of anything. Often relating it back to stories made up or real he had.

Now to the weaknesses, I guess this would count as a weakness. He usually has a caravan filled with odd supplies and the such, usually smuggled gun powder or unique objects and nick knacks that Alp has found around the realm of Pavon, which would attract any near raiders or bandits if one were to find out if he was around. His strive for riches of kings makes him a bit greedy and could even some times overwhelm himself into only thinking about that on a constant basis. His strive for exploration also makes him a risk taker, not being careful at all and doing what he and only himself thinks in right, basically he doesn't listen to any advice. Ever. That being his curiosity could get the better of him to injure him and or trap him somewhere vile. His love for his only pig at the time named piggle could lead to some weakness, being that if someone were to hurt this pig in any way, Alp would flip, Literally. He might flip over onto his back crying. His a bit more over weight size of his belly makes him a bit less on the side to run, making him a bit slower. Though his traveling may contradict this, when traveling he is usually riding on top of his pig or just walking, even riding on top of a new caravan when he gets it- eventually.

Example RP (Create a situation and roleplay it out.) The heat of the morning blasting the undisclosed location of a desert in the middle of nowhere, where a lone caravan rickets back and forth by the brutal sandy winds from the latest sand storm, the sound of the many pigs that are dragging the small house being of squeals of annoyance from the heavy sand sheets, though that was only a minor sand storm. The storm dying down, the door kicked open from the caravan as a woken up Alp walks out "Gah! Alp Alp say, what a mess! All my bags... My crates! I think a few are even missing... I knew I should have went into the swamp, even though I would loose my piggles, I would at least have that one crate filled with- Well I don't don't know..." as he kicks around the sand, his only hair flopping around. He then looks up towards the blazing sun, shielding his eyes as he walks towards his pigs, patting one on the head as he turns to hear the galloping of... Horses? Here? In the desert!?

"Alp Alp say... What are- Wait a second... They have their swords out, think Alp think..." he waits a second as they get closer and closer "Raiders! That's it, my Alp Alp. Better at thinking than I thought. Sand would have turned my thinking parts to mush I thought by now..." he then waits a little longer as the raiders rise from the sandy hills "Wait..." He coughs, then wails his arms "Raiders! They must never get Alp Alp's goods!" as he jogs to the sandy little cushion seat , climbing up the small ladder on it and sitting down. Picking up the rope reins and smacking them down as the pigs go slowly, he then grumbles and pulls up the fishing rod, hooking a stick through the hook, raising it up over the five pigs used to haul this caravan as they see the food, starting to walk forward, then start to walk faster. Then finally a full out run as the bandits get closer and closer behind Alp, he growls and grinds his damaged teeth, laughing slightly "They will never catch up! MY pigs are too fat to let some horses catch me!" he coughs at the amount of sand being pushed back by the pigs, shielding his eyes as the pigs head straight for a canyon.

Blinking slightly to get sand out of his eyes, the wheels scraping against the sand as he turns to see the raiders caught up, he "Alp Alp say... Horses are fast..." as he reaches over to a box sitting next to him, pulling it open and throwing the lid of it at the horse to his left, and then pulling out various supplies (Sticks, boards, etc...) and throwing them at them, but just as he does that one raider slaps the board away, it flying and hitting one of Alp's back wheels. The wheel popping and getting stuck, it gets broken off, the back end of the caravans weight swinging to the right, right for the canyon. The force throwing the pigs off track, being dragged behind it as the other wheel pops off, crates and various other things being flung off at the raiders, blocking their path and scaring their horses. "GAH! A captain must go down with his ship- Good thing Alp Alp isn't a captain." As he stumbles off the perch where he was sitting, landing in the sand with a dust of smoke. All but one of his pigs being dragged off the canyon with his caravan, the stick with the carrot broken off and laying covered in the sand. Alp looks over to the Raiders running, not wanting to check if Alp was alive by the wreckage. Alp looks down in disguist "I have shamed you my piggle... For I have let your brothers die by the hand of my reins... I must- We must honor them my pig..." As he pulls up the carrot on the stick, ripping part of the carrot off and throwing it in the canyon with a single tear "I will always remember all who rode for this carrot..." as he walks over to the only pig who was there, sitting on top of it and pulling the carrot up, riding in a unknown direction.

Pictures of your skin, all sides (If needed put it inside a spoiler.):
Front and left side:
Tinker's Application YWanx

Back and right side:
Tinker's Application Q13PS

Any other information you'd like to add about your character: That is it about Alp Alp!
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PostSubject: Re: Tinker's Application   Tinker's Application EmptyFri Dec 21, 2012 6:18 pm

This is a model application! Your character is enjoyable, but can also loose if it comes to it. You seem to have a good sense of alternate character. Razz

I hope to meet you in Pavon, for you have been Accepted.


-Moved to Accepted Forum-
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Tinker's Application
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