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 Texture Pack Section?

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Texture Pack Section? Empty
PostSubject: Texture Pack Section?   Texture Pack Section? EmptyWed Oct 31, 2012 12:57 pm

As many of you may already know, we have an official texture pack that's being worked on it, along with it we'll be having a server-side texture pack so it is not mandatory to modify your client at all. However for a better experience you are encouraged to use the full texture packs. Well there are tons of texture packs out there, ours are specifically made to match our objects, as we do have differences in blocks and their functions. If you so choose to turn off server side textures, and not use a texture pack, much confusion and lack of good looks on the server may come forth. (I.E. Steel plates being the default brick texture)

For those of you whom wish to create/add another texture pack to our collection, as we understand many people have many different tastes, you should head over to the Pending Texturepacks section for further instruction on how to post on and get it accepted into the Official Texturepacks section.

All of the textures in the Official Texturepacks section have been given the accepted say of an admin to be on this list. The reason they need to be accepted is so that we all see reasonably the same thing. The only major difference being art styles. There are a few things you need before they can be accepted, and they will be checked for. (Things like making sure you have the original Author's permission to use his/her content.)

Please remember to be conscious that everyone's art is of value, and that we all have different tastes!

Happy Texturizing!
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Texture Pack Section?
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