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 Official Rules

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All of the following rules apply to any and all services provided by us. This includes, but is not limited to, the forum, the Minecraft server (this includes PMs), and any communications programs/servers hosted by us.

1. No Griefing
2. No Metagaming
3. No Powergaming
4. Do not avoid RP.
5. No Ruining Roleplay, Trolling, Bullying, Scamming, Harassment, etc.
6. Stick to lore
7. Respect any and all staff of the server
8. The staff is (usually) right, if you find error in a staff member's ruling, contact _Syanide_ or DoctorDemento
9. No killing without sufficient Roleplay.
10. You may not evade a ban. If you believe you were falsely banned, speak to _Syanide_
11. Roleplay deaths are permanent unless a resurrection application is accepted for that character.
12. Staff must follow all rules. They are not above the law.
13. Out of character behavior is not tolerated.
14. No erotic roleplay or "cyber sex" within our servers.


1. No Griefing

Justified roleplay is allowed, however the destruction of a/multiple creations must be discussed and agreed upon via the owner.

Griefing can be defined as such:
-Land scarring. The destruction of land (mountains and such) in an informal, and unseemly way.
-Destroying buildings or other created items in an informal, and unseemly way.
-Spamming blocks and/or chat with anything. This includes in roleplay.
-Being a general pain to those around you. This includes, but is not limited to stopping something when requested, doing something out of character without reason behind it, or switching to a different character in the middle of a battle.

Griefing, depending on severity can range from a strike to a permanent ban.

2. No Metagaming

Metagaming. It is defined as the act of taking information that your character does not know, and using it in character. This has no excuses, not even in roleplay. You are not allowed to Metagame in any way, shape, or form.

Metagaming, depending on severity can range from a strike to a temporary ban.

3. No Powergaming

Powergaming. It is defined as the act of making oneself's character able to avoid anything, godmodding. Or doing something in such a manner that it doesn't allow the other person's character to respond or be able to respond. As a rule of thumb, allow everyone to emote before continuing your next emote. Almost turn based. Always remember this as well: People will like your character more if they're able to beat you in a fight. They'll also be able to cope with the fact that you might be able to beat them if you play fairly and take as many hits as you deal out.

Powergaming, depending on severity can range from a strike to a temporary ban.

4. Do not avoid roleplay.

A player may not ignore roleplay, or run away from an RP situation without emoting first. If things aren't going your way, you should take it in stride and roleplay your way out of the situation. Similarly, you should not take advantage of Minecraft mechanics in order to avoid roleplay, such as walking through someone when they have made it clear in roleplay that they are currently blocking a doorway.

5. No Ruining Roleplay, Trolling, Bullying, Scamming, Harassment, etc

Ruining roleplay. It is defined as the act of trying to over involve yourself in someone else's roleplay, more so to the point that you outright try to remove them from said roleplay. Things such as tackling, and pushing people while they are roleplaying with someone else (more or less just a random tackle to tick people off). Anything seen as "Trolling" breaks this rule as well. Trolling is defined as saying/emoting messages to invoke a out of character emotional response. This goes hand in hand with any form of bullying, harassment, etc. OOC scamming is also a violation of this rule, your character may scam people, however you may not. However in order to scam people in character you will require an acceptable villainous character. Any attempts to annoy someone out of character via the server, the forums, or any other public services, is considered breaking this rule. This includes, but is not limited to, local chat, global chat, private messages. Again, this only applies to public services we provide. Server, Forum, Teamspeak, etc. If someone is bugging you on skype, block them. There are precautions set out for their programs for that reason. We encourage anyone who feels that someone is violating this rule, to take some screenshots and report them promptly.

Violating this rule will result from a temporary ban to a blacklisting. No exceptions. This is a no-tolerance subject.

6. Stick to Lore

Lore. It is defined as the story behind something. For example, the lore of glass, is that it must be melted sand. Our server has a set story, and a set way that our characters must follow. This is not the real world, thus you must follow the guidelines of this world. Pretty simple. This also means that you must stick to your character. You cannot go from a nice kind person to a evil hag (Unless you are bi-polar, however you require lore behind that as well) on the same character. Stick to one story.

Failure to stick to lore will result anywhere from a strike to a temporary ban.

7. Respect the Staff

The staff work very hard to give you the best experience possible, give them the respect they deserve. Any flaming, insults, or failure to cooperate with staff is disrespectful.

Disrespecting the staff will result anywhere from a strike to a temporary ban.

8. The Staff is (usually) right, if you disagree with them, talk to _Syanide_

We trust our staff to make the correct decision in any situation, however it would be unrealistic to think they are always right, we hope they usually are, but if you truly disagree, talk to _Syanide_. We are only human and we wish to offer you the best we can. To go out on a wild tangent, I.E. flame posting, insulting or bullying anyone is violating this rule. Keep it in a nice PM. _Syanide_ is a very calm person and will not ban you because you dislike the decision of the staff. This also works the other way as well. If a staff refuses to speak to you without reason, then they are also at fault.

Violation of this rule will result anywhere from a strike to a demotion.

9. No killing without sufficient Roleplay

I cannot stress enough how crucial this is. If you intend to kill another person's character, you MUST roleplay it completely. This means that the other person must be made aware of what is happening and be given a chance to react. One-liners such as, "HALT OR DIE, CRIMINAL!" or "I've always hated you, prepare to meet Avidta!" are unacceptable. In the case of an assassination or other low-key or surprise death, you must still emote sufficiently. If you choose to do so discreetly to discourage meta-gaming, you are urged to take plenty of screenshots in case someone takes offense and accuses you of no-RP-killing.



Failure to follow this rule is very serious and will result with a minimum temporary ban, and possibly other repercussions.

10. You may not evade a ban. If you believe you were falsely banned, speak to _Syanide_

Oh dear, you appear to have been banned. You did not commit the crime you are accused of? Fear not, a simple chat with _Syanide_ will resolve the issue. There is no reason to make another account or do anything like that. If you are banned there is a reason. It may just be human error. This rule goes hand in hand with rule #7. If you are caught on the server while you are meant to be banned from another account or something of the sorts, you are breaking this rule.

Violation of this rule will rarely result in a temporary ban, most likely result in a permanent ban.

11. Character Death Explained

Death to mobs, glitches or accidental falls, suffocation, drowning, etc. that are not part of RP do not count as character death. If one of these happens to you, you are not required to kill off your character, though you are encouraged to roleplay some a moderate to serious injury if you are slain by a mob.

If your character is murdered, executed, dies from illness or otherwise becomes deceased through roleplay means, you may only continue to play that character in the Nether and may not bring your character back to life unless you have an accepted resurrection application, submitted after your character's death.

12. Staff must follow all rules. They are not above the law

The staff are all to follow the rules and to set an example to the players. They are not above the law, and are not to violate the rules. If they violate the rules they are to be reported as any other player, and they will be dealt with just like any other player.

They may receive a demotion, strikes, and bans if deemed needed.

13. Out of character behavior is not tolerated

We aim to provide an immersive role play environment, if you cannot remain in character you will be removed to preserve this environment. This rule can be violated by having a skin that doesn't fit your character or the age of the world, running or jumping around wildly when your character wouldn't, etc. This rule goes hand in hand with stick to lore.

The violation of this rule can result with a warning, strike, or temporary ban.

14. No erotic roleplay/cyber sex.

We as a volunteer moderating team can only work so hard to make sure this is a safe environment for players. Cyber sex cannot be allowed due to issues with the law and providing explicit materials to minors. Keep it PG13 and relatively family-friendly whilst on the server. Fade-to-blacks are allowed as long as the roleplay leading up to it doesn't go below the belt, or to the removal of clothing.

The violation of this rule can result from a indefinite ban to a immediate blacklisting.


A warning will be given to players that aren't quite violating a rule, but are on the fence. Going to violate if they go any further. Warnings do not amount to anything. You can receive as many warnings that the staff wants to send. However once you do violate a rule, then you will no longer be warned, you will be given the described punishment for that rule. Warnings usually come in the form of a PM (forums or in-game), or in a chat which you are active.


A strike is a measurement of how much a player acts out. Once a player reaches three (3) strikes, they will receive a temporary ban, based on the strikes. The basis of the ban will be repetition of faults, severity of each strike, amount of strikes, and previous history with bans.


I. Temporary Bans These bans are from the server and come in different lengths, depending on the severity of the crime you committed. It ranges from three (3) days, to weeks. A maximum temporary ban of two (2) weeks. If a player requires more than two (2) weeks ban, then it is considered a permanent ban.

II. Indefinite Bans I like to believe that everyone can change. Permanent bans are bans that do not have a set time limit, they are a ban you must appeal in the ban appeal section.

III. Blacklisting This is the final straw. If you receive three (3) indefinite or temporary bans, and the next step is a permanent ban and blacklisting. Being put on the blacklist is absolute. You may not appeal it in any way shape or form. Every time you receive a strike you must re-read the rules. If you receive a ban, you must re-read the rules, and you should be carefully re-reading them, making sure you know every detail. If you still do not comprehend the rules after the third time, then you will be permanently banned from server activities with no chance to appeal.

The staff reserve the right to change these rules at anytime we deem needed.
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Official Rules
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