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PostSubject: Translations   Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:57 am

While we enjoy seeing players with multitudes of different experiences, we know that some that are new to role-playing, and are new to this server will need some help getting settled in. To start off I'm going to name out the differences between our server and default Minecraft, followed by translations of text for those who are new to roleplaying, and/or roleplay terms.

Some of the major differences between our server and default Minecraft is the chat, and the blocks. (More so the blocks) We also have a server-side texture pack (default MC at the moment) and soon to have edited texture packs as well (Note the texture pack section).

The chat is different as it is setup to have different channels. Local chat is used for roleplaying, that way you can realistically play while being out of earshot of other players, and it also prevents spam, yet keeps everyone able to talk to each other.

Our blocks are different from the norm of minecraft. For example, our diamonds, are in fact steel. I will break up each block type and define them differently.


As many minecrafters know, diamonds are the strongest materials in the game, however we didn't feel it right to have gemstone items as the strongest, so to make it more normal, we have decided to make it to steel. So what does this mean for you? Well finding diamond ore is impossible for one. Here's a small table to explain it a bit better.

Diamond Ore-


Diamond Item-

Steel Ingots, made from re-smelting Iron Ingots.

Diamond Block-

Steel blocks, used for more heavy-duty construction.

Diamond Plate-

Clay is non-existant, thus we used the brick items to make steel plating, more flexable with little durability loss. Used for plenty of construction. CRAFTING: Two diamond blocks on top of each other will create 32 sheet-pieces (bricks), from there you can craft them into different shapes (stairs, slabs) to create easy, durable, decorations.


We have not put in any clay into the world, at first, I will admit, it was a fault. However after searching for different ways to make steel plates able to be intricate, bricks replacement seemed to be the best as that way we could avoid having to completely redo the map, while also having what we wanted with steel.

Clay Block-

Steel Vent Block

Clay Blob-



Steel plates. (See Diamonds)

Emeralds and Endstone:

While Emeralds are useful for trading with villagers, we do not have villagers on our map. We also desired a more decorative type of block, as diamond, gold, and iron are not that decorative. So we created marble. --Raises a pinky while sipping some tea-- "Fancy, no?"

Emerald Ore-

Solid Green Marble

Emerald Item-

Refined Gold Coins

Emerald Block-

Refined Green Marble


Bleached Refined Marble (CRAFTED: Bonemeal + Emerald Block)


While default Minecraft likes to have pine being the darkest wood, we do not. So we fixed up what each log creates, to be more normal. (The outside of the log doesn't dictate the inside) While I would normally make a table as I have for the other ones, that won't work as well considering it's all still planks, so I'm making a different type of table for all these planks.


Log -> Plank (Colour -> Colour):

Spruce Log -> Birch Planks (Dark Log -> White Planks)

Oak Log -> Spruce Planks (Normal Log -> Dark Planks)

Birch Log -> Oak Planks (White Log -> Normal Planks)

More may be added at any given time, if you're unsure about something, feel free to return here for block item changes.

Now, onto the lingo. While we all speak English, we also have many little things that mean other things. In order to understand most people and more texts that you read, you will need to know these little things. I'll write out a table to show them, and what they mean.

OOC - Out Of Character - Used to represent you, real life, etc.

IC - In Character - Used to represent your character, the in-game world, etc.

IG - In Game - Used to speak about things that happen/happened while playing Minecraft.

MC - Minecraft (Pretty Obvious) - Used mostly to clarify that you're speaking about Minecraft.

FM - Forum Moderator - The group of people that moderate the forums.

GM - Game Moderator - The group of people that moderate in game.

PM - Private Message - You can send private messages over the forum, or in game, that is what this refers to.

Lore - The background story of anything, depending on what the lore is for. I.E. The Lore of PC, is that it's created by Microsoft.

~ - Used to indicate a sarcastic, happy, or joking type tone of voice. I.E. I'm gonna hunt you down!~

More may be added, if you're unsure of the meaning of something, feel free to come check back here to see if a new term has been added to this.

Thank you for reading this small guide, and I hope it helps you in the long run with whatever you choose to do!

Happy Minecrafting,
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