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 Trading, why would I do it here?

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Trading, why would I do it here? Empty
PostSubject: Trading, why would I do it here?   Trading, why would I do it here? EmptyWed Oct 17, 2012 7:02 pm


Hello all! Korvic here. Just wanted to answer this foreseeable question. So, why would there be a trade section? Why would we need such a thing?

Well, first off it's a lot more organized. People like to RP, and RP as they might, there will always be people who want to sell them things. Now here's how we fix this. We can all post here including a multitude of information about items, item lists, item prices, shop locations, etc. You can even have an auction on here, however you like to do it, you may!

It allows us to limit RP-Ruining shop keepers who run about announcing their shop. While I know most characters would want to get the word of their shop out there, why not do it here? It's possible (and the most common thing) to make a post saying that it is a note posting on message boards across the region, and can be more defined to specific locations.

Better monitoring. While we allow scamming while in character, out of character scamming is bad, mmkay? People are free to fake items and what they're from, etc. However, you cannot lure someone to PVP them for their things and leave, or even just lure them to take their things and run away. This would be OOC scamming (unless you have an ARA/a character that steals and such).

Now that we have shown the reasons for having this forum, onto the rules. While I know it is annoying, we must have some rules in order to avoid chaos.

-Every other rule applies here as well, with the same punishments.

-Most of everything here must be in character. (Approx 70-80% should be in character)

-If you are speaking out of character, you must show that you are, everything else will be seen as in character.

-That's about it...

So with those rules covered, I will explain a bit as to why the new-ish rules are in place. While we love out of character interactions and friendships, this is a place set for selling and trading. While some OOC things must be covered, we prefer to remain on topic and selling our goodies.~

Now before anyone says it, I know this post is somewhat ironic considering it is 100% OOC while I just said posts should be 70-80% IC. This post is to just get the rules across, it is exempt from the rules. :3

Happy trading,

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Trading, why would I do it here? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trading, why would I do it here?   Trading, why would I do it here? EmptyWed Oct 17, 2012 8:24 pm



Love ya Korvic!
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Trading, why would I do it here?
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