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 Tharn (Character Bio)

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It begins with an end

Tharn laid on the cold ground, slowly breathing in his last breaths. The colors around him slowly fading to a blur as he began to bleed out, the voices and figures around him were only to be heard in a low mutter though he knew all too well that his family had taken no grief or regret from killing him. His slow breathing now turning to light gasps, “A weakling”, he thought to himself going over mentally the events that had lead to his rather early death. The blood coming from his stab wounds now pooling around him, the seconds could not go any slower though as he bleed out on the floor like an animal. All he had to do was rethink over everything that had lead to his death and what came next. As the time went by he felt it, he knew then that his time had come. He took one last breath before the lights faded around him and his heart slowly stopped.

Just a normal day

Tharn woke up in his bed, the night before a blur. He rubbed his eyes lightly as he looked out the window, wincing slightly as the sun hit his face. He sat there for a couple moments, soaking in the morning light. The sun felt warm against his skin, “A good start to the day I guess” he thought to himself before yawning and stretching his arms as far as they could go. He knew that the maid would be coming in soon to wake him up and shooing him out of the room as she cleaned. He enjoyed the moments alone while he could before pulling himself out of the bed and walking over to his dresser. He went through the clothes he had, not really satisfied with what he found. He pulled out a thin white silk shirt, pulling it over his head and putting on a pair of dark blue pants. He walked to the door, opening it before the maid even had a chance to knock. He gave her a soft smile as she bowed and walked into the room to begin her duties.

He walked through the rather busy halls of his fathers keep. He thought it strange though, they were usually never busy on a day like this. From what he can remember there was nothing planned nor anything that really needed to be planned. His strides through the hall quickened as he made it closer to where his father resided in the evening.

He slowly stepped into his fathers study, lightly tapping on the door as he walked through to alert him of his entrance, but oddly he was not met only by his fathers glance, but another man. He did not recognize this man, though it was quite obvious he was Avasonus as well. His long slender figure with pale white skin and the common dark green eyes. Tharn bowed his head lightly, the rather long platinum hair falling in front of him, though it only a little past shoulder length. He met the strangers glance with his ice-blue eyes, offering him a hand “I do not believe we met” he said softly giving him a friendly smile. The man returned the hand shake but kept his same stern look, “No we have not, I am your father's cousin, we usually do not come into this part of the land but today is a rather special day” as soon as he finishes the sentence his lips finally curl into a smile. Tharn backed up slightly and tilted his head quizzically, his tone matching his expression “Father, I do not remember any special plans or events. Would you mind explaining..?” His father simply gave him a smile “We will discuss the events later, tonight we are hosting a party, be sure to dress your best of course” and with that he waved his hand dismissing Tharn. He sighed in was about to begin to protest but then it was probably best he didn't in front guests.

The walk back to his room was an uneventful one, only filled with loud noises and workers walking around doing their tasks. He frowned, just now coming to the realization that he may not be able to do what he most wanted today. He sulked all the way back to his room, the frown plastered to his face.

He sighs as he begins to pull off his shirt. As he pulled it off and threw it to the side on his floor. He suddenly felt arms hug him from behind, the feminine hands covering his eyes. His lips curled into a smile as he heard the soothing voice he has been waiting for all day whisper into his ear, “Aw, I see how it is, just create more of a mess after I just cleaned~” a faint giggle follows after the soft whispering, a contagious sound that almost makes him want to laugh. He whispers back in a hush tone “Hm, which maid is this again? So many come and go from here it is hard to differentiate the voices~” he smirks, teasing her slightly with the statement. She lets go of him and pouts “Well if that is how you want to be...” He sighs, the smile still on his face, “It’s a trap” he thinks to himself. He shrugs and turns anyway “I’m so-” his words are cut off as she pushes him onto the bed, she going down with him, landing lightly on top with a proud smile on her face “ Gotcha now~” she gives him a devilish smile as she leans down and pecks him on the cheek softly at first. He smiles as she does so, savoring the taste of her lips. She teases him with a few other kisses before finally letting him have his way

The night of the party

He pulled himself up and off the bed walking over to the dresser and pulling out some fancy colored clothing with many blue, green, and whites. She slowly snuck up behind him and pulled him into another hug before he had time to pull his shirt on”Can’t you just stay in tonight? I mean....he didn't even tell you what the party is for so it couldn't be that important” Tharn simply shook his head no before replying, “I have to attend, he asked me to, besides I will be back later and now you have a new mess to clean up~” he smiles slightly teasing her. She puffs out her cheeks “Fine...” she then turns away from him and begins walking toward the mass they had made. He grabbed her softly and turned her around, kissing her one last time before he left, “I promise I will be back later.”

He walked out toward the courtyard, the busyness inside the keep had seemed to die down quite a bit compared to earlier. He peered around the corner to of the main entrance, looking out at the courtyard. It was crowded with people, mostly Avasonus but there are a few of other races. He takes a deep breath and began to make his way through the crowd until he found his father. His father was surrounded by many men and he looked over to me as I approached “Ah, there you are,” he grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him toward the group, not caring if he wanted to go or not. As he entered the group of people he noticed they were mostly male, a few women but not many. “Is there something you need?” Tharn said, looking over the crowd then at his father. “Ah yes,” his father replied “The main purpose of this event is to discuss your marriage.” Tharn blinked a couple times as he slowly responded “My what...?”
The other man began to laugh slightly before his father motioned for them to stop “You are to be getting married to my cousins daughter” he stated bluntly . Tharn just shook his head “No, I will in no way marry someone I do not even know.” his father and the other men laughed at this statement “You don’t really have a choice, son” one of the men said. Tharn trembled slightly before beginning to walk away. His father yelled at him to come back but he simply ignored.

He walked straight to his room and sat down on the bed, the maid looking over at him with a slight smile, though her eyes showed concern, “Back so soon?~” She said in a cheery tone. He simply nodded, not saying a word. She walked over sitting down next to him and leaned her head against his arm, looking up at him “Are you okay...?” he shook his head slightly before answering “My father is going to force me to get married.” She thought for a moment “A-Are you going to?” he chuckles “Why, jealous? But no I will not be getting married” she smiled and leaned her face in close to his “Good...” she says lightly as she leaned in even closer and kissing him deeply. As soon as she did so the door swung open

She quickly moved back as Tharn looking up to his shocked father. He began to tremble, “You refuse to get married because some whore of a peasant?!” he instantly began to scream. Tharn began to tremble slightly as well, trying to bottle his anger “She is no common whore!” he spit back at his father. His father shook his head in disgust “You will do no such thing” his glare turned to the woman “How many times have you slept with her?!” Tharn stared at him angrily “Why does it matter? You will not lay a hand on her” His father simply laughed “The nether I won’t, I will not risk a impure child!” he stomped forward, grabbing her by the hair and yanking her up, Tharn quickly returned the threat by walking over and grabbing his sword

He rushed after his father only to be meet by a group of guards. He tried to resist but they beat him down into submission until he eventually passed out. When he woke he was in the cellar of the keep ties to a chair, he struggled against but with no luck. As he looked up he could see the room clearly. He now noticed he was surrounded by a few of the males he met at the party all glaring at him. As he looked toward the middle his eyes widened in shock as he saw his father holding a blade to his lovers throat. “This is what happens to those who threaten to make us impure” before Tharn could even respond he quickly moved the dagger in a quick motion slitting her throat. His eyes began to water as he shouted at his father, now covered in his lovers blood. his father walked closer to his “Now, will you get married?” Tharn spit out the words “No” still sobbing over the dead girl on the ground. His father put the knife to his lung “Then you are hereby a traitor” and he dives the blade deep into his lung, blood beginning to leak from the wound as he is cut free and left on the ground to die, screaming in pain and drowning in a slowly forming pool of blood.

(Thank you for helping with this part Anon :3)

He opened his eyes, gasping for air, as he looking around in panic he was not where he last remembered. His eyes traced along the walls, noticing the slight pattern and small light from the end. He pulled himself up and started walking to the end of the hall toward the light. He gasped in awe from the looming gate, curiously looking around the room, jumping as he hears a voice “Greetings, mortal.” He turns slowly to the voice “H-Hello...?” he tilts his head slightly “W-Where am I?” It replied smoothly, as though having rehearsed the line thousands of times before, “Your soul has reached the gates of the afterlife. I am Avidta.” He slowly walks closer to the middle of the room, kneeling slightly “I guess I have passed away then...” The Varena was slightly visible in the half-light of the Nether gates, staring just over his head as if her eyes could not quite find him. “Murdered, if I’m not mistaken. Those who die peacefully are rarely so unsurprised.” He nods his head slowly “I slightly remember now” he grits his teeth, “By my own damn father” “Oh, a bit of a family feud perhaps? Regardless, I suppose we should get on to your passing. Souls cannot survive between worlds forever. Which of my siblings do you pledge yourself to? I don’t believe I've heard of any of your endeavors in my name.” He shakes his head “My patron was Soteir but I do not know anymore...” he winces slightly, remembering the past events of his death. “It hardly surprises me. He’s usually too busy playing with farm animals to interact with his followers on any personal level. I can hardly blame you though. Soteir brings comfort to the living, and I bring comfort to the dead. Have you performed any deeds worthy of note in his name?” He shakes his head no “Nothing worth mentioning.” Avidta sighed softly, waving to her gatekeepers to allow him passage. “Well then you may go. If nothing else, the Nether is warm and full of company. I welcome you into my realm.” He takes a step forward before stopping again a thinking something over. He looks up slightly “D-Do you think we can make a deal...?” there is quite a bit of hesitation in his voice. “Perhaps. I don’t usually give up souls without a guarantee that they can bring me more.” He looks up fully now, the hesitation is gone “I seek vengeance, I promise you the souls of those who wronged me and the ones that try to get in the way of stopping me” “How do I know you’ll keep your end of the deal? You have a new life- a second chance. Maybe you’d just cut your loses and start over. After all...it is just your own life.” He responds rather quickly “They took the thing I loved away from me, either way I will see them bleed” She closed her empty black eyes for a few seconds in thought. “I will grant your request, but should you fail to send more souls into my awaiting arms, I will not hesitate to send one of my gatekeepers to collect yours.” The gates in front of him slammed shut, and the room began to fade from his vision, giving way to darkness.


He awoke in an uncovered tomb, gasping for air and an extreme pain in his stomach. He slowly pulled himself out of the stone coffin, his vision blurred and senses messed up. He looked around the room, a line of tombs laid across the walls. He was surprised he even had gotten a burial, let alone buried in the family catacombs. He sat down and laid his back against his coffin, the pain in his stomach still there and now he had a feeling of having to vomit. The feeling increased so he leaned forward, but it gave him an even odder feeling, it felt like something had moved inside him. As he lurched further feeling the sudden feeling of throwing up, nothing came out. He sat there like that as the moving feeling continued and he started to choke as it went up his throat. A few minutes later he was gasping for air as he stared in awe at the ground. A white snake slithered around on the ground from where it landed and started to make it’s way up him. He let it climb him until it reached his ear. It sat there for a moment until he heard a whisper in his mind “A gift from Avidta~” He relaxed a bit after hearing that, though the thing was rather small he did not doubt what it could do. But it confused him slightly, why would she give it to him? He shrugged it off and stood up, the pain in his stomach slightly gone and began to walk toward the exit. He had a goal now, and it will be reached he thought in his mind. He was now ready to enter the world anew and to do what he promised.

(Decided to write my characters biography, will most likely add more/make changes)
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Tharn (Character Bio)
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