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 Alp Alp's Arp Arp!

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PostSubject: Alp Alp's Arp Arp!   Alp Alp's Arp Arp! EmptySat Feb 02, 2013 9:38 pm

Character Name(s): Alp Sondeki is his true name, though he disliked using his last name after he left his family's farm so he and his family just started calling himself Alp Alp.

Minecraft Username: Hightinker

Character Race: Errare

Character Nation: Alp pledges to no nation, preferring to keep neutral, though he is living in Aquitus he has no motive to stay in The Republic of Ortus for long once the taint is cleared up. He does however live in a caravan like cart, where his five pigs carry him to his destination, where he sets up camp, sells, sleeps, and eats!

What God(s) does/doesn’t your character believe in and why or why not: Alp has always said and always will say he doesn't have time worshiping the gods and goddess's, he does believe they do exist but will probably continue doing his thing whilst the gods do their's, his philosophy on that matter "If Alp Alp was to follow god and bother them for good wishes, god or goddess will get annoyed and strike Alp Alp down! They have better things to do then strike Alp Alp down!"

The Dark Deeds:
Thievery: How Alp will use thievery? Well being greedy, it's pretty self explanatory. But because he is a bit on the larger side, he doesn't pick pocket or anything like that, but he picks the easier targets yes! Alp will go on the less than sanitary side of stealing, grave robbing. Alp finding many graves in town, figured "They don't need their items when going to Avidta, they haven't returned yet... It'd be a waste for them to rot in the ground instead of in Alp Alp's pockets!" Besides grave robbing, Alp on a rare occasion will break into either abandoned houses, houses occupied but he's confident he won't be caught, or houses he thinks are abandoned. Taking things that are just collecting dust. Again, using it for personal gain. He also often swindles people by leaving coins out of a payment if he has to make one, lying about goods, raising prices on things that are usually lower, and generally lying about things in his store.

Mischief Making: Often times, sabotage comes to mind of the selfish Alp Alp. Trying to monopolize things, Alp will go to 'extreme' measures to make sure people come to his cart, and only his cart. Breaking into shops at night, he'll tip boxes over, spill things, spoil food, etc. keeping the doors open for any others to wander in, and over all just causing a bit of distress for the shop and the regulars of the shop, directing them to Alp Alp's cart. Another thing of his that he sees is justice, is if say he stumbles upon a farm, and he sees pigs locked away behind the gates! Alp Alp will go open the gate for the pigs, or knock over the fence so the pigs may be free! Free to roam and probably be eaten later.

Bullying: Often times, when people don't buy his goods or insult his merchanting, he'll most likely send a flurry of 'horrible' insults at them. Though, he will not stop until they tell him to, or buy his goods. As simple as that.

Biography(Minimum 3 Paragraphs): Born to a now forgotten farm in the eastern plains, the chubby child by the name of Alp Sondeki was born in his very home by his large farming family who praised Essani over any of the other gods. On that day he was born, was the same day as a new stock of piglets would be born. So that day for the older Alp will be known as his 'Pig Day' but back on track...

Alp was growing up quick, as life on a farm was pretty monotonous. Go pick carrots, peel potatoes, feed the live stock, fix a few loose boards etc. A quick thinking boy at most, Alp was always getting into trouble around the farm. Be it being lazy and not doing any of his chores, doing something he sees the quicker way of doing it when he was given specific rules to do something else, Alp really didn't feel the farm life fit his unique personality among his what he called boring family.

Without proper schooling, Alp grew up not knowing a lot of things. Only learning things from the days he and the other boys went to the market to get things, which is why he doesn't use the term 'I' because he thought he would forget his own name. Often times being called 'dumb' by the other kids- Even though they didn't go to school either. The day he finally got along with another boy was when Aden Ivov showed up, his cousin. Alp Alp didn't much care why his cousin was there, but knew that they got along juuustt fine, since all Alp had at that time was one pig, the one who was born on the same day as him. Alp often 'manipulated' his younger cousin into doing all the chores he didn't want to do. Which Aden was fine with because he thought Alp Alp was just letting him grow up- Which wasn't really the case.

"One day every pig must perk out it's tail and walk in the mud" is what Alp Alp told his cousin when he was leaving the farm. His cousin, shocked at this... Betrayel almost to the family legacy of farming, Alp set off to a life of adven- Walking. With food in bag, pig under him (Note this was when Alp was still younger and didn't weigh as much as he does today) He left the farm and everyone of his family behind. He set out of a life of adventure almost, wanting to become the greatest merchant or treasure finder of Pavon. Not hearing another word from the Sondeki's or Ivov's, Alp decided to scrap his last name, beginning to just call himself 'Alp Alp' instead.

Traveling along the word, Alp had begun to hear words of 'the new cataclysm' and he was in the dead center of where the locals said it was surrounding, he decided not to be impulsive for once and head for town, the nearest city being that of the Republic of Ortus, Aquitus to be exact. Things didn't go exactly according to plan though- he was deprived of water after being chased by the what the locals called 'taint' he and many other refugees rode for days to Aquitus, when finally he collapsed, him and his pig 'Piggy' (later to be named Wilson). Then, he woke up. And his new life, began.

Most likely... A year later, Alp Alp was living in the good greedy life of a merchant, had a cart to be carried by his five pigs. He had two others on his cart now, his cousin by the name of Aden mentioned earlier had found him again, and a man named 'Saxton'. Alp had plans to buying one of the airships, and all in all he was pretty well funded, rich maybe. Though that wasn't enough for Alp no, he sat and thought for a while of how he could get more....

Re-state your characters motivations for their actions in a logical perspective
(Do not simply copy and paste parts of your bio. Pasting parts of your bio and talking about them is perfectly acceptable.): 'Alp Alp left his farm' Why did he leave his farm? Well to get more money of course. Alp is a slow guy but he wants to be on the move economically and physically all the time. He's greedy yes, the reason why? He was born on a farm that he had to work on, no. That didn't work for Alp Sondeki, he wanted more. He wanted people working for him, he wanted to get out of his familys legacy and start his own. He doesn't want to be stuck inside a cube of monotony again, no he wants new. He wants money, heck if he was offered king he would do it for the income, and then leave soon after for something MORE than that. He needs to be always on the move.

Character Traits(The good, the bad, and the ugly):

Strengths: Alps large size comes with big hands, which makes him able to punch things very well! Even if Alp possess a short sword, he will not run if that is knocked away. He'll pick up something else and fight with it, if nothing he'll use the two large rough hands at his side. Thats most of it for physically, besides the fact he has been almost to every walk-able place in Pavon, making his skin a bit more tougher and making himself a bit more immune to the common colds of the world. He's been able to know what to wear in each environment, and how to walk in it.

Weaknesses: Behold! A fat man, a weakness in it self heh. Being plumper than most people in general, it makes it a bit harder on Alp to do things of the athletic sorts, he can't run very long if not at all. He tires easily, and his arms can't hold up his body weight. Besides the athletic issue, Alp is a savage around delectable food. Making him seem as if more of an animal rather than man. His eyebrows though obscure his vision, as they are nice and bushy and he doesn't trim them at all. Alp does put himself infront of everyone else always, that he did most of the work and he should get the highest award blah blah BLAH! Alp also can't control himself in the sights of a coin, betraying a friend (note not a cart member) for even a coin more. Fighting wise Alp can hold a sword, but not use it very well. Most of the time he ends up just swinging it around frantically and on a rare occasion hit something. His heavy steps also make it near impossible for him to sneak, so he would make the worst thief, or assassin. Ever.

Physical Features: Here stands a thick haired, 5'9'' heavy weighted plump bearded waxed mustached eyebrowed man. With bushy eyebrows that obscure his eyes only leaving a small slit at the bottom for his tiny eyes to look through. His hair a dark black, all of it.. ALL OF IT. With a cared for waxed beardstache, he has no imperfections like a scar or the such, no missing eye. The only things he does have are big rough beat up hands. He has a variety of clothes to match his environment. Drained green eyes on his small eyes if you look at them.

The Scenarios(Pick four at least. Three sub-questions and one primary.)[b]:
[Primary] The Slums Bar: (Read this after the sub question about the alley first if you want to understand it better) "Alp Alp say... Only two coin? Gah..." He continues walking in the alley, walking front of the slums bar he is- Well pushed down. A large man, towering over him with his sword drawn says drunkly "You.. Scared off My wi- Wife you did..." He burps, motioning towards the girl that is walking off. Alp shakes his head "Alp Alp but saved her ye-" The man kicks Alp, though surprisingly some old people Alp had sold things to come to his aid, though some do come to the large mans aid too. Unsure of what he should do, the big man comes after Alp but is shoved by another man, Alp wanting to get his crate of gunpowder eases away, not wanting to deal with fighting again as he was already tired. He scoots away, the bar ablaze with a brawl, grinning he runs off. Again not wanting to deal with it.
[Sub-Question] An Open Ball: Alp Alp, walking along on the pathway of the town of Aquitus, he looks up to be faced with a poster mentioning 'An Open Ball' being held in the center of the city he grins at the mention of 'A band, food, and all the such'. Alp not understanding you have to pay for the food, decides to go to it which is held at sundown.
The sun going down, and the street lights being lit by the local guard, Alp trots along with his pig Wilson (used to be named 'Piggy' when he was younger) to go to the ball that is being held, turning a corner he sees the food stands, the people dancing, the band playing. He grins, saying "All of this, free for the taking of Alp Alp and Wilson! Let us go Wilson..." as he walks forward, walking past a stand and pulling a apple from it, the owner of it not noticing though he takes a bite, walking towards the band. He grins as glances around at all the pretty ladies and men dressed up, Alp continues to walk around, mostly taking fruits from stands thinking their free, but when each of the stall people begin to see that their foods are disappearing, and they notice a trail of apple cores, bones, and other food scraps leading up to one man and pig, Alp Alp. His face covered in crumbs and juice, he turns around to be faced with... Well a bit of an angry mob. The sound of the band stopping, they look towards the commotion of vendors standing behind Alp, finishing a chicken leg he turns around, with a smile on his face he says as he licks his fingers "Alp Alp say, you are all coming to thank Alp for coming yes?" as he throws the bone away, they all start to walk forward, starting to mob Alp and take his coins, kicking him on the ground, he looks up with a bruised body and black eyes, he says "Alp Alp thought it was... Free..." as he lays down, sobbing lightly, his pig nudging him just lightly...
[Sub-Question] The Dangerous Alley: Wandering into the alley at the latest hour, Alp knows better as he has seen the thugs here before. He grinds his teeth as he turns corners, making his way to the market to get the crate of gun powder that had came in, he fast walks, until he turns the corner, his heavy steps crunching on rocks, as a scene is unfolding. Two men holding a girl for whatever reason, Alp looks them up and down, looking at how thin they are and their clubs they are holding. He taps his chin, as they turn to him, saying "Go on by, chub, we're busy." as they continue to harass the girl, more angry by the fact they called him fat than by the girl being attacked.
He pulls his short sword, marching forward and swinging around wildly, hitting whatever is in sight be it the walls of the slum buildings or the three people in front of him, the two skinny fellows not so ready at the big Alp's charge, the try to block and do get a few, but Alp just keeps going even though he is being hit by the horrible clubs, he keeps going like a train, even hitting the girl a few times with just slashes, not stabs. The men, and Alp tired by all the swinging, they drop their clubs and make their way off to the sewer, the girl thankful but cut up by her savior, she gives him a hug and starts to walk off- But Alp holds out his hand. "You wish to... Take me as your bride?" the woman says, Alp shakes his head "Alp Alp wants his pay." the girl looks at him, saying "YOU SLASHED ME MORE THAN THEM! AND YOU WANT ME-" Alp says again "Pay Alp Alp or Alp Alp will go get them again yes." She growls, pulling out two coins and flicking it to Alp as she walks off, he bends down picking up the clubs "More money for Alp, Alp Alp guesses." as he shouts after her "Don't forget, Alp's goods are best goods!"
[Sub-Question] Mage Battle: After getting his crate of goods, Alp Alp walks out of the city to his cart, though oddly enough two hooded men are in a distance, shooting odd colors at the opposite one. They both spot him, the dark robed one shouting out "If you help me, I shall teach you great dark magicks!" and then the other, looking to Alp saying "Lad, if ya' help me vanquish this villain, I'll make sure you're well accommodated in a nice spot in my kingdom's keep!" blinking, Alp just turns, walking back to his cart, not wanting to deal with ANYMORE fighting, he locks his door, closes his curtains, and lays down.
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Now, while I feel that your ARA is lacking in several areas, I believe you would do well with an ARA. Just remember this, do not try too hard to make your shop the only one visited, as well as talk with shop owners oocly before doing anything. I don't want you causing any OOC distress as people generally have to go through a lot of effort to gather their items.

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Alp Alp's Arp Arp!
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