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 Gather around, children...

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Gather around, children... Empty
PostSubject: Gather around, children...   Gather around, children... EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 9:59 pm

The city of Aquitus, the jewel of the Republic of Ortus silent and a bit broken, tables flipped, houses of people wrecked, records stolen from the record store, and mostly the city in a bit of havoc, the mayor still missing. Alp Alp walks into the city, dirt and pieces of gravel covering his clothes as he makes his way to the ballot box, many people casting their votes for either Jayce and Lerra or to relect Stacheman. Tromping over to the podium, Alp Alp stands behind it, saying in a rough voice...

"Mayor Stache is gone yes yes... He has fallen to nothing anymore, Alp Alp wishes to tell story of how it went yes..."

He looks around as people start to gather, some happy of the
Staches 'fall' others looking a bit worse about it then others. Alp Alp coughs, begining the story of the end of the Stache.

"Alp Alp say, him and his new companion, Doctor Saxton made our way to City of Aquitus, there we got off new air ship and started walking down, when Alp Alp and Saxton heard a loud yell yes yes.
Alp Alp was a bit reluctant to continue on, but Saxton convinced Alp Alp to go yes. We found ways to slums, and went down into sewers. That is where Saxton showed Alp Alp his old home, he was evicted he said to Alp Alp yes. We collected his things, and started to come
out- When he stood there, giant and steaming yes yes. Going on about how noise annoy Jeremey, he charged yes. Trying to attack Alp Alp and Saxton. Alp Alp threw things at him, and yes we somehow survived yes yes. He charged out, climbing the vines out. Alp Alp and Saxton followed, Saxton wanting to stop him, Alp Alp wanting to go back to cart in Amentum yes..."

He takes a breath, some people giving him confused looks, others not believing him at all, he takes a deep drink from his flask,
smacking his lips, pulling out a carrot and chomping on it, throwing it behind him.

"Alp Alp and Saxton spotted him yes, he was harrasing many faces, Damien at most. He stepped on Damien, slapped him, kicked him... It was disaster, Alp Alp just wanted to go back to cart. Alp was told by Saxton to restrain Beardman, formally Stacheman. Alp Alp tried and tried yes, but Alp Alp's arms were too weak for full grown Aquil, landing Alp Alp on ground and Damien trouser-less. Beardman had run away, shouting things about 'Wizards' and 'Noise'. Alp Alpscraped up, cut up, and bruised bottom. Saxton And Alp Alp planned Operation: Save Damien from being Jeremey, as Beardman had named him new Jeremey for some reason yes. Alp Alp and Saxton set off yes, to tree fortress we had seen Beardman in before. Alp Alp said to strike at dawn- Saxton doesn't listen...
Again, though that is not point! Alp Alp and Saxton came in, Alp shouting 'CHARRGGEE!' and Beardman marched down, screaming "WIZZZARDD!" leaving his door open yes, Alp Alp and Saxton went in while Beardman marched to city to defeat the 'Wizard'. Alp Alp and Saxton went in to find out no Damien, only broken window. We sat there waiting, Saxton wanted to question Beardman. Alp Alp wanted to leave. After hour or so, Saxton went down stairs, so did Alp. Beardman knocked us both out yes... Alp Alp doesn't remember what happened after that as Alp Alp was knocked out, last Alp Alp remembers is Beardman saying Jeremey is dead, jumping out window... Saying he tried for city yes, and for the people."

Alp Alp frowns, some people in shock, others solemn. Alp Alp picks up the carrot he threw back, pulling it up and taking a chomp at it. A small tear falling from his brows concealing his eyes. He bows his head just barley, walking off the stage without the conclusion of a if Stacheman was burried,or who Jeremey was, guess the best way to
find out would be to listen to the now legend, of Stacheman in detail.

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Gather around, children...
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