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 The Stache I never knew... (Somebody that I used to know)

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PostSubject: The Stache I never knew... (Somebody that I used to know)   Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:14 am

Written as a eulogy for the recently deceased Stacheman, also known apparently as Beardman.

"I never knew this 'Stacheman' fellow personally.. I had unfortunately, only viewed him committing acts of 'violence'. However, after a brief soliloquy that he displayed quite theatrically, his methods were slightly uncovered. It had come to my ear that he was only looking out for 'the best interests of the city', and he mouthed before he died 'I am sorry.', before taking himself to the edge of his perched house, and throwing himself out the gape.

Being a witness of his death, I feel it is my duty to convey this information, seeing as he was apparently a very popular fellow amongst the people.

To those who were 'wronged' by him, do forgive him, as he was confused, and attempted to 'protect' you in his own way.. Well at least that's what I gathered."

May he rest in forever peace.
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The Stache I never knew... (Somebody that I used to know)
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