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The heroes piled onto the ship as it began to take off. They could see everything from above. A calm, peaceful drift as they went forward. Suddenly, the mechanics started to fail. The steam carrying pipes at the rear of the ship burst open. The ship would move in the direction of the least air as the ship tilts side to side. Jayce and Damien quickly come to action. Trying to fix the ship's breaks and leaks. They saved the crew from crashing into the windmill, however they continued to drift out... They were now into the taint. Some of the crew suggested they turn back, for fear of not making it all the way to Amentum, the city built in the great Sylvian Forest. As they tried to think of a way to turn around, the quick patches broke off again. The wood floors cracked around the pipes, allowing them to rattle which caused tears in the balloons near the pipe connection. By now everyone knew that the ship could not be saved. They braced for impact as the boat quickly started to descend down towards the taint. The crew went flying forwards into different parts of the ship as it crashed. Making most to be unconscious. As they awoke, they saw the sun falling. With most parts of the ship missing or flung off into the distance. Fire danced around on different sections of the ships. The heroes could hear moaning as Zombies approached, entering through the lower compartment's breaks. Archers climbed over a hill leading to the bow (front) of the ship. The heroes bravely fought off the monsters... however, a different monster appeared, not seen prior to this moment. It looked as if it were a spider, however not as large as the normal ones. They began adding webs all around the ship, attaching it to the ground while also making a path they can climb up.

As day began to rise, the last of the monsters were killed for the time being, the others retreating from the sunlight. The heroes acted quickly, thinking up plans to try and get out of there as they knew they hadn't much time before the sun set and they were attacked again. After some quick thinking, a few heroes hoped over onto the neighboring trees, only barely making it onto them. The others decided to quickly build a small bridge over to the trees. They swung their hammers quickly as the moon rose and the sun set. The heroes quickly made their way along the trees, maintaining a far enough reach from the taint to not breath in the spores. However, they were not alone. Spiders attacked while Archers shot from below. They quickly managed to run back away from the taint, retreating to the city.

The following day, the guards travelled to the town's towers, peering out to see the ship's ruins as it lied just out of reach. They could see, just barely, that something was covering the ship itself... who knows what's going on out there...
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RE: Adventure Awaits...
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