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 Alp Alp's Cart Shop!

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Alp Alp's Cart Shop! Empty
PostSubject: Alp Alp's Cart Shop!   Alp Alp's Cart Shop! EmptyTue Jan 22, 2013 9:44 pm

As the sun shines above the city of Aquitius, the taint being driven back a few times already, things already seem like they are getting back to normal with the start of construction on old technologies , A man outside the city by the local mill and mine, shouting about a shop, on wheels. A caravan of sorts sitting outside the city, a big bellied wider man sits down in it, a window barred shut facing all people who decide to come up to it.

"Alp Alp is selling anything and everything yes! You ask Alp what one needs, and Alp will check the storage on top of cart yes yes! Just ask upfront to Alp, or slip in note. Alp will follow orders, or crumple up note and throw it in pig pen if Alp can't get needs yes yes. Alp will barter, so no set prices. Ask item, you give price for amount. Alp barters, that is Alp's system of trading, yes?"

He motions towards the chests and crate sitting on top of the cart, his brows covering his eyes, only a little bit of both of his eyes poking out, he says

"Alp Alp say, who is up first yes?!"
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Alp Alp's Cart Shop!
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