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 Mineshafts are dangerous...

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PostSubject: Mineshafts are dangerous...   Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:23 am

The drill alight, and smoke billowing out of the mine. Our heroes enter the mine, trying to solve the problem. The drill roars in an attempt to start, but utterly fails as Jayce tries to fiddle with it. His brother, Damien, remembers that there was a drill in the old mineshaft. The heroes break in to the old shaft, revealing the large cart system below. One by one they take a ride down to find a deep cliff... The tunnel behind them collapsing from the sudden use of the tracks. To their demise they found that they had landed in a taint nest. As moans came from below, and zombies tried to climb up, a giant dark shadow was seen moving. A large being emerges, swinging at the supports to the section the heroes are on... The tracks crash to the ground as the heroes run to a ledge for safety. As mobs poured out, our heroes made their way to the source. A mysterious purple glowing ring... They destroyed the ring, stopping the flow of mobs. However as they did this the cave they were began to cave in. They quickly took cover, staying in one of the small tunnels in the cave leading to the ring. After the cave had finished collapsing, they dug their way out, climbing through the rubble they emerged at the surface, the evening sun smiling down on them. The taint being noticably reduced, and slowly curling back. Does this mean they won? Or is this just the beginning of re-taking the world...

As the heroes returned to the city, they were greeted by the mayor, questioning them about what had been happening the entire time they were gone. As it turned out, he had the drill parts in the town hall for the chance they would be used. He also indicated that the old mine was the strongest source of the taint before it was closed off and the new temporary mine created.

The day seemingly over, one hero returned to the mine, only to hear odd things... He alerted the others and they returned back into the mineshaft, the end still being collapsed. A whispering was heard from below as a giant egg layed at the end near the collapse. As more heroes came in to the shaft, they began speaking to the egg, and acting as they had never done before. The egg seemed to make them all insane. Upon recognizing this, one of the heroes swiftly attempted to destroy the egg, resulting in odd substances pouring out. A black-purple goo climbed from the egg towards the heroes. Lerra and Jayce managed to escape, leaving the others behind. As they struggled, the goo solidified, trying to entrap them. They shattered the solidified goo easily, making a dash for the exit. More goo poured out of the egg as if endless, solidifying into beings that chased the heroes as they escaped. Once all the heroes left the mine, an ear-shattering scream was heard across the city. Nothing but black stains of where the egg was destroyed remain...
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PostSubject: Re: Mineshafts are dangerous...   Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:28 pm

Snoring once, Alp Alp opens his eyes at the racket outside of his cart.
"Alp really does need to build sound proof walls..."
As he pulls two corks from inside the skull on his counter, putting them in his ears and falling back asleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Mineshafts are dangerous...   Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:43 pm

Snorts up some yellow powder from a bowl, inhaling deeply afterwards, Mobius looks around at the sound of the noises penetrates the sewer.
"Good gracious, I'm tripping again.."
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PostSubject: Re: Mineshafts are dangerous...   

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Mineshafts are dangerous...
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