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 My Application!

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My Application! Empty
PostSubject: My Application!   My Application! EmptySun Jan 20, 2013 9:00 pm

Out Of Character (OOC)

Personal Nickname (optional):


Minecraft Account Name:


How old are you:


What is your Time Zone/Country:

Australia AEST

How good are you with the English language:

Absolutely perfect, my dear.

How often could you be on the server:

7 hours a day.

Have you ever roleplayed before? If so what did you roleplay (if you can remember)?:

I have indeed. LoTC, Realms of Valryn (Co-Admin) and various other small servers.

In your own words define Metagaming and Powergaming:

Meta-Gaming: Using OOC information to affect your IC decisions.

How did you hear about us:

From my good friend, Jae.

Have you read and agreed to all the rules (Found Here.):


Any other information you'd like to mention:


In Character (IC)

Character Name:

Ash Heeran

Character Race and Patron God:

Varena / Orvus


A wise Varena, with long blonde hair, with a small pony tail in the middle.

Backstory (Please explain your character's life, show how they act, why they act as such.):

Coming from a family of middle wealth, Ash grew up in a state of relative peace, spending most of her time reading and learning, and now she wishes to share that wealth of knowledge with all she can, and she wanders the lands searching for someone to join her on her journey.

What are your character's skills and weaknesses:

Skills - Easy to talk to, knowledgeable in a range of areas, always happy to help. Can also wield a bow with some proficiency.

Weaknesses - Somewhat shy in certain situations.

Example RP (Create a situation and roleplay it out.)

*Ash approaches the store*

"Welcome!" beckons the shopkeep.

*Ash looks around, curiously picking things up, inspecting them, then replacing them*

"Find anything you fancy, young lass?"

*Ash shakes her head, waving goodbye to the shopkeep and continuing on her way*

Pictures of your skin, all sides (If needed put it inside a spoiler.):

My Application! Shadetestagain_minecraft_skin-4664365
(Only temporary while my skin is being made)

Any other information you'd like to add about your character:

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My Application! Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Application!   My Application! EmptySun Jan 20, 2013 9:31 pm

*I spoke to him in skype about skin change and how me missed the powergaming definition. A simple mistake that he replied to me with the answer:

[7:01:59 PM] Hippo / Luke: Submitted my app
[7:09:34 PM] Korvic: Reading it right now
[7:09:42 PM] Korvic: you missed your powergaming definition Razz
[7:09:50 PM] Hippo / Luke: Did I?
[7:09:59 PM] Hippo / Luke: Oh, well it's just godmodding isn't it?
[7:10:05 PM] Hippo / Luke: Making sure the other person can't react
[7:10:10 PM] Korvic: mhm
[7:10:22 PM] Hippo / Luke: Derp.
[7:10:27 PM] Hippo / Luke: How did I miss that

His skin was also changed to look like a Varena for the time being.

Accepted, welcome to Pavon.


My Application! Original
Remember to vote!
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My Application!
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